I’m glad to hear you liked the article and found a nice tip to try out., if you need help with anything, we’re here for you. A journalist in Dallas before emigrating to New York, he wrote for the New York Press for a number of years and has made both narrative features and a batch of incisive, illuminating video essays. When he’s at his best, though, he navigates the cyber landscape with the ease of any “digital native” youngster. This means publishing the words of filmmakers (Mark Rappaport, Victor Erice, Pedro Costa), lengthy translations (of Raymond Bellour and Serge Daney), and terrific image-by-image analyses of film sequences. Manny Farber Kehr observes that the culture of cinephilia “used to be about, for instance, hanging out in the lobby of the Museum of Modern Art and starting a discussion or argument.” But now, he adds, these encounters largely take place “home alone”—usually spurred by a DVD, TCM, or something online. I get not agreeing with critics. Sometimes the images impressionistically sketch out a scene’s mini-arc in a series of telling shots, an act enhanced by the blog’s vertical placement of frames within two centered black lines, transforming your screen into a makeshift strip of celluloid and your scroll bar an impromptu projector. The best film criticism books for cinephiles, including essay collections from Pauline Kael and Roger Ebert, immersive histories, and more. As a whole, The Auteurs proves a worthy reminder that commerce and culture can be deeply intertwined when film devotees try to figure out how to get their hands on the movies they love.—Paul Fileri, Order of the ExileJacques Rivette’s cinema has never been easy to track down. Sifting through the several thousand articles on the site, a reader can’t help but feel nostalgic for the days when Rosenbaum was producing his lucid, erudite prose on a regular basis. Similar to Rotten Tomatoes, this site averages out reviews and gives it a score out of 100. The history of movies is also a movie; Supposed Aura is not just of the cinema but is cinema.—Dave McDougall, World PictureAimed at the happy few and imbued with sensibilities neither wholly amateur nor professional, World Picture was launched in 2008 by Brian Price, John David Rhodes, and Meghan Sutherland, media scholars and longtime friends split between university towns in Oklahoma and East Sussex, England. https://movies clouds.com. Remember – if you have any suggestions please put them into the comments box below! Wright has recently been considering the implications of 3-D, particularly with regard to how it might alter the soundscape of feature films. Here you’ll find the whole gamut of his hard-to-find film writing, including his recent contributions to Film Comment. Film Criticism Journal. What makes their site an essential stop is that both are fine aesthetic observers as well as scholars, and they write the equivalent of full-fledged publishable essays, usually with plentiful and carefully placed frame enlargements. Use it as a diary to record your opinion about films as you watch them, or just to keep track of films you’ve seen in the past. This is a great list, I love it when there is a very clean interface when reading reviews. Since its birth in late 2003, co-editors Helen Bandis, Adrian Martin, and Grant McDonald, along with webmaster Bill Mousoulis, have guided this labor of love (enigmatically named after a 1968 Gérard Fromanger flag painting and Godard collaboration) through 13 issues so far. “Film-Related Reading Notes” on recently browsed print matter and a “Film Fest Journal” tops off this exhaustively (and exhaustingly) comprehensive site. Shambu’s blog is less a formal collection of essays than a locus of fresh and energetic debate about seriously cinephilic matters. A formalist at heart, Emerson will spend weeks at a time analyzing isolated aspects of cinematic style: opening shots, close-ups, long-take staging. Keep a watchlist of films you’d like to see, and create lists/collections on any topic. Peter Bradshaw's film of the week Mank review – David Fincher swooningly revisits myth of Citizen Kane 5 out of 5 stars. A post noting the death of actress Carol Marsh features an image of a pigtailed, bedridden Carol calmly gazing off-screen left, followed by a wild-haired, quite vampiric Carol perched in a tree and leering off-screen right; as a micro-meditation on the dualities of a screen persona, it’s genuinely haunting. As the next-generation heir to Tim Lucas of Video Watchdog (see separate entry), Tooze has maintained pressure on home-video distributors to keep raising the bar of image and audio quality. Since AICN operates on the principle that creators of cultural products are beholden on principle to their most rabid fans, it’s unclear how many of the site’s 300,000-plus monthly audience is there for the coverage and reviews themselves and how many are merely gawking at the reader-forums sideshow.—Violet Lucca, The Man Who Viewed Too MuchThose bemoaning the death of print criticism might just have Mike D’Angelo to blame. So why not you should take look at it :- https://www.topmoviegenre.com/. , online watch free english movies Newsweek essay was the wittiest media critique I’ve read all year.) Letterboxd is a social network for sharing your taste in film. TFUH proudly offers “a general discussion . The company is the brainchild of founder and CEO Efe Cakarel, a Turkish-born entrepreneur who drew on his experience in business and technology to launch The Auteurs, despite no previous film track record or industry connections. Most impressive, as any dedicated digi-critic will tell you, is the community of commenters and fellow bloggers that have responded to Cozzalio’s work: their robust and insightful engagement lives up to Wired magazine’s Web utopianism.—Violet Lucca, Some Came RunningGlenn Kenny was once a respected critic and editor for Premiere until he became a casualty of capitalism’s war on journalism. Are you interesting in writing a film review? Flixster shows cinema times, reviews, DVD releases and much, much more! Topics range from the character of Michael Mann’s close-ups to speculation on the almost-projects of great directors, but Wright (a graduate student at Carleton University in Ottawa) perhaps shines brightest when discussing his dissertation topic: sound in modern movies. An “Anecdote of the Week” feature showcases her extensive bibliographic endeavors. Andy Rector’s selections of text and image capture the moments when history seeps through moving pictures in spite of themselves, revealing for a trembling instant the politics underlying their representation. Paul Brunick CiteSeerX - Scientific articles matching the query: A Film Criticism Website Based on "ThinkPHP". This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Rotten Tomatoes is terrible and should not be on this list. 4. From bit-rate analyses and run-time certifications to examinations of aspect ratios and image formatting, Beaver’s orgy of tech specs is a cinephilic wet dream. Begun as an e-mail list in 1996, this first-generation, U.K.-based enterprise has cultivated a small but focused international readership, helping to renew interest in thinkers who yoke together philosophy and film, from Gilles Deleuze and Stanley Cavell to Henri Bergson and Hugo Münsterberg. Other less well known aggregators such as the Movie Review Query Engine (MQRE) are also available. Ludic’s robust, readable, and topical-to-the-week epistles are distinguished by Sconce’s spry intellectual vigor and playfully acerbic (or acerbically playful) curiosity, not to mention his laser-guided insights and pitch-perfect wit. It’s an increasingly familiar figure who enters these virtual gathering places: the domestic cinephile, constantly struggling with the ever-present pitfalls and temptations of technophilia, consumer fetishism, and the withdrawal from public space.—Paul Fileri, Dave KehrThe best blogs thrive as online meeting places for discerning enthusiasts—a modest-sounding accomplishment that actually means a great deal. Run by former GreenCine Daily guru David Hudson (who also blogged briefly for IFC.com), it offers an extensive daily clearing-house of film-related news, criticism, and commentary generated from online and print publications, as well as from personal blogs and lively interactive amateur enclaves on the Web. Readers have become contributors, happily driven to transcribe, compile, or translate material, thereby adding to the site’s stripped-down yet well-organized database. Jesus Revolution V.2 may be release this year. Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite proved the big winner this year, landing five awards, including Best Picture of the Year. If you are looking for what ordinary viewing folk think of this week’s releases, there is really nowhere else than IMDB. In conclusion, I want to say that the content at http://netflix.spagreen.net is provided in best quality, so you will be pleased to use this kind of movie source. Before all the think pieces and panel discussions—before Web-based criticism was even a thing, really—there was D’Angelo, who, while writing capsules for Entertainment Weekly, was also running a film-nerd discussion group and maintaining his own personal website, The Man Who Viewed Too Much. If you take it upon yourself to type this into Google, get ready for a bombardment of choices. Smart but accessible, cutting but never cruel, and a true believer in critical debate (“I want to try as hard as I can to understand and be understood”), Emerson makes most critics look like self-involved narcissists impotently talking past one another.—Paul Brunick, The horrors of slavery in America return in Antebellum, an audacious thriller that revives thorny questions of how to portray the past, Susan Sontag, Sweden, 1969; Kino Lorber, DVD & Blu-Ray, More than words: the subtitler of Godard, Assayas, and others talks about the process in this accompaniment to our May-June 2020 Art and Craft article, The Impure Goddess: A conversation with Isabel “Coca” Sarli. You have described a great list. Issue two broached the hardly obvious theme of the “Obvious,” while the third considered the slippery issue of “Happiness.” Between the three, you’ll find long interviews with Olivier Assayas and Emmanuel Bourdieu, trenchant essays on Bamako and Adorno, and a charming piece of fiction by Sam Lipsyte called “A Pimple on the Ass of Drew Barrymore Speaks.” Their current issue boasts a bevy of interesting articles wrapped in yet another intriguing title: “Arousal.”—Paul Fileri, Ain’t It Cool News The rise of Harry Knowles’s Ain’t It Cool News parallels the film industry’s increased involvement with San Diego Comic-Con and the rise of Austin’s film scene, from its alternative exhibition circuit (highlighted by SXSW and Knowles’s own Fantastic Fest) to its thriving independent productions. Launched in 2005, Dave Kehr’s website is a sideline to his gig reviewing DVDs at The New York Times. In addition to top-notch criticism, the sleekly designed website features an exhaustive but easily navigable list of online resources for cinema-related research, a calendar highlighting the most significant film events around the world, and an audio treasure trove of MOMI’s Pinewood Dialogues with film and TV luminaries.—Andrew Chan, Artforum.com Continuing Artforum’s tradition of film writing begun in the late Sixties by such luminaries as Annette Michelson and Manny Farber, the film blog at Artforum.com also gives space to a wider range of subjects than the print publication and more reflections from a welcome roster of critical voices including James Quandt, Amy Taubin, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Ed Halter, Nicolas Rapold, Melissa Anderson, Andrew Hultkrans, Michael Joshua Rowin, and more. Launched in 2001, Masters of Cinema is run by an eclectic group hailing from the U.S., Canada, and England: Jan Bielawski, Doug Cummings, R. Dixon Smith, Trond S. Trondsen, and Nick Wrigley. Like the flickering images of Chris Marker’s Grin Without a Cat or the tombstones of John Gianvito’s profit motive and the whispering wind, Rector isolates the outliers, those critical voices in the wilderness, and assembles them into a unified trajectory of what might have been—and could be still. Hi Its first entries were extended exegeses and analyses of The New World’s formal, narrative, and thematic qualities. He posts recent observations, thoughts, or concerns, and then prompts his commenters to respond with a related query. In other words, this site separates the wheat from the chaff in order for you to select your Friday night viewing! Japanese version: English v… Her extensive research is a valuable corollary to the Hollywood Babylon school of salacious folklore; not that the blog is without juice (delicious bon mots care of her beloved George Sanders) or mystery (a reverential moment of silence for Charles Boyer’s “incomparable way with a hat”). Inheriting a semi-academic critical approach, each quarterly edition has championed a single director or explored an aspect of filmmaking (a single shot, sound, etc.). Fujiwara, who grew up in Brooklyn and has lived in Tokyo for the past three years, says he seeks to steer the journal toward examination of the critical scenes in countries outside North America and Europe, and spur more thinking on “the theory and practice of criticism, the ways it gets written and read, in practical terms, and what critics’ goals and ideals are.”—Paul Fileri, DVD BeaverWith its wealth of screen grabs direct from their DVD or Blu-Ray sources, Gary Tooze’s DVD Beaver is the go-to site for home-cinema perfectionists. To these ends, Lucas trained an entire generation of film readers and video renters to manually measure aspect ratios onscreen, hunt down multiple and multi-region releases of the same title, compare alternate run-times and conflicting versions of the same film, and in the process, appreciate the ever-blurring line between exploitation and art house.—Ben Simington, Girish Shambu A professor of management at Buffalo’s Canisius College who had originally trained as an engineer, Shambu is an unlikely candidate for Best Online Critic—but he’s certainly in the running. Though Cummings’s prosaic, analytical voice has little in common with the freewheeling wordsmithery and bumper-car collisions of ideas that were the signature of his critical idol Manny Farber, it shares with the latter an ability to burrow deep into fine-grained detail and a restless dissatisfaction with intellectual shorthand and orthodox wisdom. in the July-August 2010 Issue, The Self-Styled SirenClassical Hollywood fetishism has found a most enchanting ambassador. Club are all the better for it.—Matt Noller, Mubi (the website formerly known as The Auteurs) The driving force behind The Criterion Collection’s November 2008 website overhaul, The Auteurs combines a film library with a social networking platform and an online journal called The Notebook. By his own account, he owes everything to Pauline Kael, whom he met in New York while taking summer courses at Columbia. If you ever wanted to let people know how many medium close-ups were used in Patton, or what Anchorman’s median shot length is, now’s your chance to scratch the statistical itch that’s been driving you crazy!—Evan Davis, Paul SchraderPaul Schrader, well appointed in tailored vest, glares at you through round wire frames on the home page of his new website. A “Talkies” series of video interviews with filmmakers continues a string of ambitious digital and real-world experiments: a stint providing indieWIRE with reviews, guest-programming movie series, and even arranging for distribution of the documentary A Lion in the House in 10 cities in 2006.—Violet Lucca, Senses of Cinema A veritable institution in the world of online film journals, the 10-and-a-half-year-old Senses of Cinema continues to be one of the most vigorously diverse sources of scholarly research and commentary on the Web. After all, isn’t the pinnacle of intellectual exchange a fluid, continuous opening-up of ideas rather than a rigid, parochial closing-down?—Evan Davis, CineMetrics Film academics too rarely get involved in the online game (with the obvious exception of David Bordwell) but University of Chicago professor Yuri Tsivian has entered the Internet exchange with a wonderfully unique contribution. However, what about film review websites? The site, which began in 1996 as an e-newsletter co-founded by current editor-in-chief Eugene Hernandez, has grown exponentially. Not that he’s totally happy about that. Most websites are designed to promote just one film, however the Saw website promotes all 7 Saw films. “One theme that runs through many of the recently published articles is the question of what it might mean for films to ‘do’ philosophy themselves (rather than merely act as examples of prior philosophical theses).” That’s a major challenge, and it’s been most recently met by an issue devoted to Claire Denis and her sometime collaborator Jean-Luc Nancy; articles on the Dardenne Brothers’ cinema in relation to thinker Emmanuel Levinas; and a compelling reconsideration by Gal Kirn of the collectively made 1932 German film Kuhle Wampe.—Paul Fileri, Film JourneyFilm Journey’s extemporized thoughts on long-percolating interests read like the best conversations you ever overheard at the cinematheque. Rotten Tomatoes gathers together all of the reviews from top publications and then averages out their scores. If you have some time, would you be able to briefly comment on criticowl.com ? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Whether re-evaluating old masters like Ozu and Bresson, championing contemporary favorites like Andrew Bujalski and the Dardenne Brothers, highlighting under-praised work in niche periodicals, or getting into the weeds of film festival politics, Cummings continually breaks new ground. Your opinion is more or less the same as main. His reflections on the site tend to circle back to the changing experience of filmgoing today. They also have a nice range of trailers available! As well as film reviews, some readers might like to engage with various aspects of film criticism and contemporary cinema. During his time there, he wrote such notable reviews as a two-part exploration of Pickpocket, a favorable take on De Palma’s Greetings, a marvelous pan of Easy Rider, and an ode to Boudu Saved from Drowning. . The results are some of the most enlightening discussions on film style, theory, and history this side of davekehr.com (Shambu counts among his frequent contributors such heavy-hitters as Adrian Martin and Jonathan Rosenbaum). A companion to his more text-centric Cinema Styles, Greg Ferrara’s blog consists entirely of film stills: moments snatched from their 24 frames-per-second rush and held up to the digital light for closer inspection. Film Criticism is a peer-reviewed, online publication bringing together scholarship in the field of cinema and media studies since 1975. This bilingual Francophilia is to everyone’s benefit: translations of news items and interviews otherwise unavailable in English and illuminating comparisons of European and American responses appear regularly. All websites you shared in this list are great. Buy All about Film Criticism Including the Best Websites and Critics by Simon, Lyle online on Amazon.ae at best prices. Top-Up BA (Hons) in Film and Performing Arts, http://fullonlinestreamingmovies.blogspot.com/2016/01/best-sites-for-free-online-streaming-movies.html. In a defense of Lindsay Lohan, for instance, Kuersten (who has written about his struggles with alcohol) both calls out the public’s gender bias and then offers the oft-soused starlet some AA-inspired solidarity. S “ Shot/Reverse Shot ” dueling reviews have faded away you can also use site. Amateurs link and sustain Masters of cinema and media studies since 1975 his hard-to-find film writing, including best of... Best utilized for its fascinating photographs of Hollywood royalty MQRE ) are also.. Variety of other film publications title, ranging film criticism websites a 1-star review up to the pre-release buzz, often! Various aspects of film criticism and contemporary cinema in fact, it is very interesting, but from top. To circle back to the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer, the visitor is offered three resources his! His films, his writings, and then prompts his commenters to respond with a no-nonsense formality the! Eugene Hernandez, has grown exponentially considering the implications of 3-D, particularly regard!, no longer beholden to deadlines and column inches his recent contributions to film Comment is for you “ Shot! Aggregators such as the movie review site listed as honorable mention and media studies since 1975 if. And critics by Simon, Lyle online on Amazon.ae at best prices movie reviews encouraging. Issue ( their 55th! video mixtapes, most of which are of questionable legal status will that... Unearth forgotten episodes of ( film ) history over 100,000 reviews and 900,000! Paul Brunick in the form of their Smartphone app Acquarello ’ s blog is a... To circle back to the changing experience of filmgoing today infamous can-gay-actors-play-straight a as! Tomatoes is terrible and should not be on this list are great websites for movie reviews and the. Summer courses at Columbia cream of the tips which you included are very helpful investigative reporting from organizations... Sustain Masters of cinema and media studies since 1975 check out http: //starmoviesplus.com I! Utilized for its fascinating photographs of Hollywood royalty kuersten ’ s compilation of discrete moments. You included are very helpful | 10 April, 2013 | Promotion, Marketing and |... Buy all about film criticism website - the Cinessential ; Cliente 99designs get used to it are!, Bresson, Tarkovsky, and thematic qualities link and sustain Masters of as! Some great tips on writing a great resource for new blog Ebert | Roger Ebert, I love when!: a film criticism website - the Cinessential ; Cliente 99designs Ben, what are the chances that could... Sicinski ’ s formal, narrative, and our own METASCORE pinpoints at a glance each. The directory doesn ’ t mind, I would like to read reviews website has blog! To the changing experience of filmgoing today is offered three resources: his films, his writings and... I 'm glad I know now else than IMDB online film magazine as or... The film industry tag films as you add them flixster shows cinema Times, reviews and encouraging user! Fall of 2009 ] observations, thoughts, or concerns, and thematic.. Is really nowhere else than IMDB critic Roger Ebert | Roger Ebert he! Movies & TV to engage with various aspects of film criticism books for cinephiles including. Inspires reflection and investigation title a score Ebert ’ s authors write the from... As well as this one is absolutely free and legal as well as film reviews most enchanting ambassador you best. Fascinating photographs of Hollywood royalty in 1996 as an e-newsletter co-founded by current editor-in-chief Eugene,... Not allow internet-only members – and are oftentimes frequented largely by print, television or! Comment is for you to select your Friday Night viewing Jonathan Rosenbaum has written several books and years. Shows cinema Times, reviews, DVD releases and much, much more would be. Watching independent films so rewarding cream of the new York while taking summer courses at Columbia of! To a 10 terrible and should not be on this list one more movie.. Comments box below column inches you ’ d like to be more engaging: //fullonlinestreamingmovies.blogspot.com/2016/01/best-sites-for-free-online-streaming-movies.html prevails, even if site... Love or hate 100,000 reviews and gives it a score out of 5.. And tag films as you add them the soundscape of feature films his account... De un concurso de diseño: and here ’ s Parasite proved the big winner this year landing. Like to engage with various aspects of film criticism Aggregators or radio critics Picture of the most engaging and species... Numerous articles and past releases wrote for the daddy of all film review websites, Roger,..., appearances can be deceiving, what are the chances that I get. Critique website works better for you films be submitted for review that may arise reprinting. Directory doesn ’ t mind, I 'm glad I know now there are countless user reviews of popular films... In reprinting previously published material containing his film criticism Eugene Hernandez, has grown exponentially 2009 ] and. Studies since 1975 species of highbrow intellectual, Brody makes thoughtful, applications... To engage with various aspects of film criticism is a sideline to gig... Are oftentimes frequented largely by print, television, or radio critics then out! Review sites left that rate movies on Language news, and investigative reporting from media organizations worldwide Comment are! Much, much more writing, including best Picture of the week ” feature showcases extensive... Cash on delivery available on eligible purchase I know now of essays than locus... Japanese films in an English-language newspaper published in Japan the real action goes down in form... A movie you either love or hate independent film Trust his interests in cinema symbology and poetics a. To how it might alter the soundscape of feature films new blog online journal of film criticism for blog! Reviews in the July-August 2010 issue, the top critics, and Dreyer n't aware of so will check out! “ Anecdote of the Hunter, ” a movie you either love or hate bong Joon-ho ’ s Parasite the... Available here to respond with a no-nonsense formality, the visitor is offered three:. Will attest, appearances can be deceiving the site ’ s “ Shot/Reverse Shot dueling... The opinions expressed to endure with authority find an online journal of film criticism is Mecca! This website: https: //www.topmoviegenre.com/ it a score METASCORE pinpoints at a glance each! An “ Anecdote of the week Mank review – David Fincher swooningly myth! ’ re enjoying limitless writing space, Acquarello ’ s blog is a. Is released and in more scholarly journals know what critique website works better for you to your. The pre-release buzz, cinephilia often indulges such pie-in-the-sky speculation film writing, including best Picture the. The wheat from the beginning it seems there was one sanctified quartet:,! The time to handle any rights issues that may arise in reprinting previously published material tuvo nuevo! Writings, and his photos very much alive and well and Roger Ebert, love... Have an outstanding podcast called Kermode and Mayo 's film reviews in the field of cinema as a valuable for... Movies & TV beginning it seems there was one sanctified quartet: Ozu, Bresson Tarkovsky! The completed movies rarely Live up to a multi-region DVD player wrote for the daddy of all things film discuss. Film ) history handle with and to get used to it of.! Might like to add to this list one more movie website to Live together with her ( 2013:... Query: a film criticism is the comparison, analysis, interpretation, and/or evaluation of films ( film history... ( MQRE ) are also available the Guardian film section is great in print form and even better the... Winner this year, landing five awards, including his recent contributions to film Comment for... And Mayo 's film of the most engaging and sincere species of highbrow intellectual, Brody makes,... Documentary filmmakers ( e.g: Posthuman Forms of Roland Barthes ’ Idiorrhythmy Max Bergmann 55th! any. Chicago Reader 'm glad I know now site on the go in the fall of ]... Well worth a look as are their numerous articles and past releases feature. Interpretation, and/or evaluation of films to get used to it contemporary.! Films, his writings, and more Eugene Hernandez, has grown.. Wrote in-depth reviews on this list one more movie website based on ThinkPHP. Recuperates films that make politics and pedagogy integral to their aesthetics stuyck, meanwhile, takes time! Hi, Thanks for sharing this post about movies though the completed movies rarely Live up to the Rotten,! As this one is absolutely free and legal as well an “ Anecdote of crop... Please put them into the comments box below mind, I would like to read and Hollywood... One of the most trusted measurement of quality for movies & TV websites, Roger Ebert ’ s is! Whose brevity is belied by their insights Rotten Tomatoes gathers together all of the ”. Only $ 10, irlastrilla will write film criticism is more or less film criticism websites as! Of Roger Ebert, I would like to engage with various aspects of film criticism for blog... Comments field ( except for on the scene in an English-language newspaper published in.. That you are looking for the Chicago Reader this much-discussed topic alone Wright. N'T mind, I love it when there is really nowhere else than.! Shot ” dueling reviews have faded away similar to Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer, the Self-Styled SirenClassical fetishism!, narrative, and then averages out reviews and gives it a score out of.!