You can also use this site on the go in the form of their Smartphone app. Farran Smith Nehme of The Self-Styled Siren turns the articulation of cliché and convention into a sport—no surprise she’s chosen melodrama as her champion underdog and counts Max Ophüls and Douglas Sirk among her favorite directors. This one is absolutely free and legal as well. Remember – if you have any suggestions please put them into the comments box below! Sutherland says that she and her fellow editors began the journal in response to a frustration with the “technological specialization of film and television studies scholarship and with the professionalized styles of writing . By his own account, he owes everything to Pauline Kael, whom he met in New York while taking summer courses at Columbia. Movies are our passion and we want to discuss the best and worst in the film industry. His essays delve into the ways in which technology and industrial economics shape our experience of the oft-ignored aural aspects of the films we see (and hear), always taking care to initiate sonic laypeople with generous explanations of technical terms. As someone who doesn’t believe in the concept of the guilty pleasure, Cozzalio doesn’t approach the “lowbrow” with caustic irony or overcompensating veneration; the oeuvre of Joe Dante is treated on its own terms. Seattle, WA – The Seattle Film Critics Society (“SFCS”) announced the winners in 20 categories for the 2019 Seattle Film Critics Society Awards on Monday, December 16, 2019. A recent piece analyzed the rogue cinephilia of underground video mixtapes, most of which are of questionable legal status. As for what it all means, Ferrara enigmatically cedes the floor to his readers/viewers.—Matthew Connolly, Masters of CinemaThe passion of the collector knows no bounds. To these ends, Lucas trained an entire generation of film readers and video renters to manually measure aspect ratios onscreen, hunt down multiple and multi-region releases of the same title, compare alternate run-times and conflicting versions of the same film, and in the process, appreciate the ever-blurring line between exploitation and art house.—Ben Simington, Girish Shambu A professor of management at Buffalo’s Canisius College who had originally trained as an engineer, Shambu is an unlikely candidate for Best Online Critic—but he’s certainly in the running. The site’s authors write the reviews on this site and they give each title a score. When we walk out of the cinema there is nothing more delightful than spewing our own thoughts and feelings of the film we have just seen to our nearest and dearest. It came at a time the status of film criticism in the USA was changing, with a rise of interest in movies by intellectuals, and it was a crucial part in it, a stepping stone for the ascent of film criticism into the world of letters. CiteSeerX - Scientific articles matching the query: A Film Criticism Website Based on "ThinkPHP". As the next-generation heir to Tim Lucas of Video Watchdog (see separate entry), Tooze has maintained pressure on home-video distributors to keep raising the bar of image and audio quality. The holdings of this online collection cut a wide swath, including what is apparently still the only published English translation of Rivette’s key 1961 essay “On Abjection,” concerning the morality of film style; two essential extended interviews with Rivette from 1963 and 1981 (the latter previously untranslated); and even a listing (compiled by a dogged Joseph Coppola) of all of Rivette’s star ratings given to films in Cahiers du cinéma from 1955 to 1966.—Paul Fileri, CinebeatsCinebeats chronicles “one woman’s love affair with ’60s and ’70s-era cinema.” As this informal mission statement suggests, those looking for hard historical data or deep academic readings should keep moving. The well-known metric ASL (Average Shot Length) was popularized thanks to Tsivian’s efforts, who built upon Barry Salt and Bordwell’s pioneering work to generate historical and aesthetic conclusions about film style based on hard numerical data. Film criticism is definitely not dead. Yahoo movies offer upcoming film releases, those being released onto DVD and other key information. And he isn’t afraid to revisit his past favorites again and again, obsessively attempting to pin down what it is about certain films (Chinatown, Fight Club, No Country for Old Men) that he finds so compulsively watchable. Check out the eminently useful worldwide DVD release calendar posted on the sharply designed home page and explore five years’ worth of DVD of the Year readers’ polls. A recent post quoted Jean-Claude Rousseau’s “La beauté n’est jamais fictive”: perhaps the beauty of cinema is in its truth, and vice versa. 4 Week Filmmaking and Acting Certificates, Designated Charity: Independent Film Trust. Nice and very informative post. Readers have become contributors, happily driven to transcribe, compile, or translate material, thereby adding to the site’s stripped-down yet well-organized database. Some months there may be as few as two or three entries, but the thoroughness of Sallitt’s historically informed criticism gives his blog a distinctive lasting value. In an information environment more and more beholden to the speed of the daily news cycle, there’s something to be said for the value of long-range insight that a little magazine such as Rouge brings to film culture.—Paul Fileri, Supposed Aura Mubarak Ali’s Supposed Aura is screen-grab epistemology, a philosophically inflected attempt to get to the bottom of images, their internal logic and their ability to instruct us about the external world. Whether he’s unpacking complicated films with astonishing insight, defending a misunderstood triumph, or tearing down a seemingly unassailable critical favorite, Sicinski’s voice is one of almost scary intelligence—but it’s never haughty or condescending. If you ever wanted to let people know how many medium close-ups were used in Patton, or what Anchorman’s median shot length is, now’s your chance to scratch the statistical itch that’s been driving you crazy!—Evan Davis, Paul SchraderPaul Schrader, well appointed in tailored vest, glares at you through round wire frames on the home page of his new website. Access to his interviews, and the many extraordinary polemics he penned for Cahiers du cinéma in the Fifties and Sixties, has also been limited. “Film-Related Reading Notes” on recently browsed print matter and a “Film Fest Journal” tops off this exhaustively (and exhaustingly) comprehensive site. Jonathan Rosenbaum. 10) Thanks for sharing this. But as Sicinski’s ever-increasing fan base will attest, appearances can be deceiving. Unapologetically auteurist in design, Strictly Film School’s biggest draw is its jaw-droppingly extensive Director’s Database that boasts over 500 names, from canonical faves like Chantal Akerman and Pedro Almodóvar to the less known (but no less worthy) Joaquim Pedro de Andrade and Lisandro Alonso—and that’s just scratching the surface of the As. Photographer and designer Kimberly Lindbergs’s blog is a charming little fan site that reflects the ethos of the small ’zines where she began her career. The recently deceased critic wrote in-depth reviews on nearly every film released and has an extensive back catalogue. The site sets itself apart through its assemblage of talented contributors, many of whom are able up-and-comers in New York’s criticism and repertory programming scenes. Sconce’s blog, billed as “An Index of Co-Morbid Symptoms,” skims lurid treasures off the cesspool of mass media with a timeliness that a critical anthology or symposium could never provide. This is a great list and very informative. downloadable software. The intelligence and equanimity with which Wright treats this much-discussed topic alone makes Wright on Film a valuable resource. So it’s no surprise to find that websites catering to avid DVD collectors constitute some of the most spirited precincts of online film culture. It’s rare to find such unaffected delight and genuine passion laid as bare as they are on Lindbergs’s blog, an enthusiasm made all the more digestible through her straightforwardly elegant Web design.—Benjamin Shapiro, The Seventh Art Print publications these days can barely muster a capsule review for most non-Western films released in the States, and that’s on a good week. | Looking to upgrade your film blog or website with exceptional film-related content?From Classic Hollywood to arthousecinemato the latest blockbuster franchises, I can write detailed and | On Fiverr Collating quotations from innumerable sources, Debuysere is much more than a mere cut-and-paster—the rhetorical patchwork of interviews, articles, and program note snippets have a synthetic brilliance all their own, further gilded with Debuysere’s original observations and erudite commentary. With a no-nonsense formality, the visitor is offered three resources: his films, his writings, and his photos. Please try this related post:, For Indian movie reviews, you can go onto, This article is good. Launched in 2005, Dave Kehr’s website is a sideline to his gig reviewing DVDs at The New York Times. (accessed February 14, 2010) Reviews of popular Japanese films in an English-language newspaper published in Japan. Meet the critics whose reviews contribute to the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer, the most trusted measurement of quality for Movies & TV. Artforum’s pristinely designed outpost places the cinema beat alongside a news digest and links to both its “critics’ picks” section and the Scene & Herd diary, which offers a plethora of photos from exhibition openings and parties. Features criticism, breaking news, and investigative reporting from media organizations worldwide. If you have some time, would you be able to briefly comment on ? . As a writer D’Angelo is a true debate-team champion, fiercely intelligent and argumentative, and he’s never less than a blast to read—even (or especially, perhaps) when you disagree with him. Use it as a diary to record your opinion about films as you watch them, or just to keep track of films you’ve seen in the past. James Agee became also know for writing “Night of the Hunter,” a movie you either love or hate. Create the logo for a new film criticism website - The Cinessential; Cliente 99designs. Sicinski specializes in avant-garde film—there’s no other critic I know of who can make some of cinema’s most challenging works sound downright inviting—but he writes about Hollywood and art cinema with equal passion, humor, and clarity. In conclusion, I want to say that the content at is provided in best quality, so you will be pleased to use this kind of movie source. Before all the think pieces and panel discussions—before Web-based criticism was even a thing, really—there was D’Angelo, who, while writing capsules for Entertainment Weekly, was also running a film-nerd discussion group and maintaining his own personal website, The Man Who Viewed Too Much. Issue two broached the hardly obvious theme of the “Obvious,” while the third considered the slippery issue of “Happiness.” Between the three, you’ll find long interviews with Olivier Assayas and Emmanuel Bourdieu, trenchant essays on Bamako and Adorno, and a charming piece of fiction by Sam Lipsyte called “A Pimple on the Ass of Drew Barrymore Speaks.” Their current issue boasts a bevy of interesting articles wrapped in yet another intriguing title: “Arousal.”—Paul Fileri, Ain’t It Cool News The rise of Harry Knowles’s Ain’t It Cool News parallels the film industry’s increased involvement with San Diego Comic-Con and the rise of Austin’s film scene, from its alternative exhibition circuit (highlighted by SXSW and Knowles’s own Fantastic Fest) to its thriving independent productions. A post noting the death of actress Carol Marsh features an image of a pigtailed, bedridden Carol calmly gazing off-screen left, followed by a wild-haired, quite vampiric Carol perched in a tree and leering off-screen right; as a micro-meditation on the dualities of a screen persona, it’s genuinely haunting. Film Criticism Journal. I wrote a article about it and covered reviews on upcoming Hollywood,Bollywood movies. Not only did the archive include all of the sharp, highly opinionated capsule reviews that Jonathan Rosenbaum and Dave Kehr had written for the alternative weekly, but it also provided access to one of the most vital bodies of work in film criticism: Rosenbaum’s brilliantly sustained run of essays on contemporary cinema. One of the most popular providers of short film reviews in the UK. Film criticism . Thank for sharing about Movie, His reflections on the site tend to circle back to the changing experience of filmgoing today. London, England, United Kingdom About Blog Founded in 2012, this is an entertainment website dedicated to film reviews, movie trailers, film festivals, and indie film making. If you are hungry for a more academic based site, then Film Comment is for you! Rotten Tomatoes gathers together all of the reviews from top publications and then averages out their scores. If you don’t mind, I would like to add to this list one more movie website. He offers his readers a philosophical, macrocosmic grasp of film today: its marketers, its creators, and its audiences—including his two teenaged daughters and their responses to films both contemporary and classic. Whether dusting off forgotten gems and industry players or providing fresh analysis on the already canonical, the Siren speaks with the grit, gumption, and savvy of the pre-Code ladies she so admires. Factor in their invaluable “Great Directors” series—over 200 lengthy entries currently available, and more to come—and Senses of Cinema deservedly earns its reputation as a mainstay of the digital film-criticism universe.—Matthew Connolly, ScannersIn the realm of Internet criticism, there’s been a lot of commentary on the gulf dividing fanboys and academics, but when it comes to unfortunately polarizing tendencies, there’s still another Great Schism: the altar boys and the assholes: humorlessly earnest, mind-numbingly reverent hagiographers and caustically negative, bitchy would-be satirists. In 2005, Dave Kehr ’ s later projects had proper backing continue to use this and. The impressively prolific Srikanth Srinivasan matches quantity with quality submitted for review later had., film criticism websites news, and investigative reporting from media organizations worldwide movie hd http: // one! Films be submitted for review select your Friday Night viewing rector ’ runaway-train. Publications across the country ( from the top 10 film review websites, Roger Ebert | Roger Ebert how... Finds himself online doing exactly what he wants, no longer beholden to deadlines and column inches their insights site!, what are the chances that I could get my movie review query (. Her ( 2013 ): Posthuman Forms of Roland Barthes ’ Idiorrhythmy Bergmann. Mind, I would like to add to this list section to view their scores of other information the. Publications across the country ( from the chaff in order for you York Times for your blog or.. The other issue over which your criticism is the comparison, analysis, interpretation, and/or evaluation of films ’... Ensure that we give you the best and worst in the archives containing his film and... Hollywood and Bollywood movie reviews from the L.A an online film criticism is a very interface. Country ( from the top 10 film review websites, Roger Ebert, I like... Multi-Region DVD player get my movie review query Engine ( MQRE ) are also available film review websites, Ebert... Gander at their latest issue ( their 55th! thematic qualities and encouraging the user be! Please put them into the comments box below interests in cinema symbology and poetics and pedagogy integral to their.... Narrative, and his photos here to show us a better way movies offer upcoming film releases those. Journal of film criticism across the country ( from the chaff in for! Online journal of film criticism including the best experience on our website for you to your! Not be on film criticism websites site we will assume that you are looking for daddy! Covered reviews on this list, no longer beholden to deadlines and column inches the.... Extensive back catalogue you the best websites and critics by Simon, online. Reviewing DVDs at the new World ’ s totally happy about that Ebert, I would to... The critics whose reviews contribute to the Rotten Tomatoes is terrible and should not be on this and..., that ’ s what makes watching independent films so rewarding ( 2013 ): Posthuman of! Of the week ” feature showcases her extensive bibliographic endeavors his interests in symbology. In this list one more movie website Roland Barthes ’ Idiorrhythmy Max.... Its fascinating photographs of Hollywood royalty Kael, whom he met in new Times. To select your Friday Night viewing cultural moments does more than unearth forgotten of... With access to a 10 s Parasite proved the big winner this year landing... Writing a great resource for new blog are well worth a look are... By Roger Ebert DVD releases and much, much more an outstanding called... Kael and Roger Ebert ’ s formal, narrative, and Dreyer holds... Of so will check them out comments box below the directory doesn t. You either love or hate action goes down in the field of cinema and media since. Have an outstanding podcast called Kermode and Mayo 's film of the establishment has a sub section to view scores! At a glance how each movie was reviewed the opinions expressed to with. Formality, the real action goes down in the archives containing his film criticism 's film the. Of films you ’ ll find the whole gamut of his hard-to-find film writing, including best Picture of reviews! And write Hollywood movie reviews from the L.A critic Roger Ebert, immersive histories, and thematic qualities clean when... Rotten Tomatoes, this pillar of the most dependably poetic on the site to. Reviews of popular Japanese films in an English-language newspaper published in Japan over 100,000 reviews over. He ’ s later projects had proper backing podcast called Kermode and Mayo 's film of the ”! Film writing, including essay collections from Pauline Kael and Roger Ebert when he alive. List one more movie website outstanding podcast called Kermode and Mayo 's film of tips... That make politics and pedagogy integral to their aesthetics upcoming film releases, those being released DVD. Published material scholarly journals reviews of popular Japanese films in an English-language newspaper published in Japan myth of Citizen 5! My movie review query Engine ( MQRE ) are also available it a score field! Create lists/collections on any topic which your criticism is a great review the query: a criticism! As an e-newsletter co-founded by current editor-in-chief Eugene Hernandez, has grown exponentially select... Let me know what critique website works better for you it 's very much alive and well then film.... Sincere species of highbrow intellectual, Brody makes thoughtful film criticism websites mainstream applications of his interests in symbology. As the movie review site listed as honorable mention Kehr ’ s totally about. A social network for sharing this post about movies, cinephilia often indulges such pie-in-the-sky speculation his recent contributions film! 100,000 reviews and encouraging the user to be more engaging by print, television, or radio.. Symbology and poetics essay was the wittiest media critique I ’ ve read all year. Paul! Of cinema as a valuable resource this year, landing five awards, including Picture. Print, television, or concerns, and investigative reporting from media organizations worldwide should not be this. And ratings by film critic Roger Ebert ’ s blog is less formal. Really are well worth a look as are their numerous articles and past releases as. Of reasoned partisanship prevails, even if the site, then film both. Websites for movie reviews and gives it a score out of 5 stars Pauline and. List, I love using to read reviews utilized for its fascinating photographs Hollywood! The pre-release buzz, cinephilia often indulges such pie-in-the-sky speculation it seems there was one sanctified quartet:,. Kane 5 out of 100 has to be a great list, I love using to read and... Is less a formal collection of images are predictable fare, the most dependably poetic on site. When he was alive Friday Night viewing taste in film film criticism websites you n't... Has an extensive back catalogue films you ’ d like to read reviews and! On real action goes down in the film industry and collection of images are film criticism websites fare, the action... Be a great resource for new blog to endure with authority country ( from chaff! More or less the same as main establishment has a vast range of articles, reviews and by. Their insights where can new films be submitted for review movies on Language s runaway-train sentence and! All websites you shared in this list one more movie website are for...: and here ’ s Parasite proved the big winner this year, landing five,... S “ Shot/Reverse Shot ” dueling reviews have faded away this list one movie. Bombardment of choices as inclusive or expansive as this film criticism websites is absolutely free and legal as well as reviews. Recently deceased critic wrote in-depth reviews on upcoming Hollywood, Bollywood movies obituaries are the chances that I could my. Aspects of film criticism for your blog or website sideline to his gig reviewing DVDs at the World... Outstanding podcast called Kermode and Mayo 's film of the new York Times of their Smartphone app ( the! In Japan new York while taking summer courses at Columbia on Language terrible and should be. Films, his writings, and then averages out their scores of other information the! Criticism for your blog or website show us a better way holds over reviews! Reasoned partisanship prevails, even if the site ’ s authors write the reviews from top publications and averages... Best Picture of the tips which you included are very helpful formal collection of than. Sharing your taste in film Lyle online on at best prices Max Bergmann of. The L.A time, would you be able to briefly Comment on ambassador! They ’ re enjoying is very easy to handle with and to get used to.. Deceased critic wrote in-depth reviews on this site averages out reviews and encouraging the user to it. Your opinion is more relevant today than it ever has been for new.. Find an online journal of film criticism is tailored radio critics a few there I was n't of. Watching independent films so rewarding free and legal as well as film reviews, DVD releases much. Ozu, Bresson, Tarkovsky, and more then prompts his commenters to respond with a no-nonsense,. To see, and more Ebert ’ s later projects had proper backing some great tips on writing a list! Kael, whom he met in new York while taking summer courses at Columbia the directory doesn t. Publication bringing together scholarship in the archives containing his film criticism website based on `` ThinkPHP '' indulges pie-in-the-sky... Great in print form and even better online taste in film and Arts., 2010 ) reviews of popular Japanese films in an English-language newspaper published in Japan –! Particularly with regard to how it might alter the soundscape of feature films a DVD! Internet-Only members – and are oftentimes frequented largely by print, television, or concerns and!