Hey legit can you update the Godzilla heisei please. Especially the Ender and Wither dragons. dragon eggs takes 2 minecraft days to hatch. You can tame them and get good friends. I cant get the behaviour pack to work Can you fix that please? 1. Critisism is always welcome, but not your personal problems like finding something annoying or thinking something is too hard to kill. LegitDragonboy can I have permission to all of your addons? —————- In dieser App stellen wir Ihnen verschiedene Drachen- und Dino… 06/02/2017 9:36 pm. Sporting three heads, this beast has 1000 health. Can I use this Addon in my videos? All dragons have a hostile and tameable version. Dragon Addon for MCPE APK; Dragon Addon for MCPE APK. Your dragon has three different attacks. The reason you are eating the armor is because you have another addon on the top of the equipped addon list. All swords have too low durability Ghost dragons spawn underground. Addons almost perfect but it crashes worlds after some gameplay on IOS, please fix, Hi umm… My brother was wondering if it works on Xbox one. You should add a dragon robot that shoots arrow, a chinese (long) dragon that can shoot fireballs rapidly, a shulker dragon that shoots shulker shells, a humanoid dragon with a high knockback melee attack, a poison dragon that shoots lingering poison and a dragon villager (sells dragon related items). Minecraft ist Minecraft und bleibt Minecraft, und das unter anderem auch wegen der gigantischen Auswahl an Mods: Viele der langlebigsten Spiele.. please in the next update change this bug, Can you please fix the texture of the tamable wither dragon please and fix the riding of the ghost dragon and fix the taming of the ender dragon thanks for reading, Can you fix the armor it’s invisible and it doesn’t do any thing and the tools break super fast and the lightning sword is invisible it would be great if you fix it but I do have one suggestion can you make the old sitting animation for sitting and the new one for like a dead dragon or a sleeping dragon but really love the mod it’s my favorite mod I hope you can do this thank you, And also make different kind of armor for the Dragons. Great addon, can you add shenron from Dragon Ball, and make his spawn egg a dragon ball. I mean I don’t care what people say about this addon It’s so good!!! I love this mod, but I’d love it if u could make it so the dragons can sit!! Take on any enemy that comes your way. These cookies do not store any personal information. how do you equip armor on windows ten/bedrock. Train your own dragon For all version. Please fix everything! Browse Get Desktop Feedback Knowledge Base Discord Twitter ... For hundreds of years, Dragons have roamed the lands of the Known World. For example, the fire sword is named: item.new:fire sword name. After making it, You need to add texture The new fly mechanic does not work for me. And the ghost dragon doesn’t work right. Ok this addon looks cool but is this addon will get more dragons and maybe some dragon eggs depending on their types? The wither dragon spawns near the skeleton and ghost dragons BUT it is way rarer, and is much stronger. In the fly world? Perhaps your friend’s version of the textures are outdated. [Princess Celestia] the neck position just like your minecraft models. “Diana” is an idiot he tells that “LegitDrag0nBoi” did steal that, but he is not stealing the model okay…. Dragon Addon for MCPE tips and tricks with Q&A to help android users. Legitdragonb0y what if people say some bad stuff or bad words to you?… You will be sad,mad right soo stop it. Added the undead mobs (zombie, wither, skeleton dragons) Also i updated the fly function now works. They have incredible power and possess an abnormal cruel level. Level 1: New Miner. Im still working on the undead mobs. All these issues make YOUR addon bad, fix them! The Terra dragon is good starts dragon. Sorry it took us so long to update this addon thats because we have added a bunch of stuff to improve this addon. … Dragon Mounts 2 - Minecraft PE Addons. 1.it is very fun to fly around on the dragon, plus it looks cool! Try making a youtube video to model the Princess Celestia It keeps on saying failed to import. As you guessed, the fire dragon breathes fireballs, and can be tamed with a blaze rod. Ask for my version and you can obtain it. In the aquatic++ can you make it so that the Aquatataion, the whale, and the sea serpent do not spawn in rivers?? It has the same stats as the forest dragon. If you are a LegitDragonb0y, make another dragon addon please??. Did you know. 7 of them are glitching and the tamabe wither one is black and pink and when i want to try to put the saddle it kicks me out of the game. And you didn’t tell me there’s a Special dragons! Size: 3.9M. One of the best dragon addons i have seen. Please consider stopping or I may have to alert an admin of your behavior. Cool love the new update like it?? Also use underscores, they are “space” in coding, some other items like “waterarmor” is displayed like that, use underscores(_) in your coding to space the words out Dragon Mounts 2 adds 22 new dragons, 14 new swords, 3 custom items, 4 biomes, and cannons! 2.Walking through the water – can you observe if you spawn any dragons it instantly wakl through the water(also in the flat world but theres no water)so thats what i want to see in the next update btw thanks for this mod ilove dragons btw, How do you get the scales I killed them but nothing happened. Hey the ghost dragon wont let me ride it, I tame it but it still wont let me ride it. He glows in the dark and can be tamed with bones. Perdón quise decir que lo dragones domados deberían usar ataque a distancia no que ya lo sepan usar xd? … hahaha. Attack: breathes a projectile that gives you weakness. 2. Please add the fly function on ur mountains++ addon the textures are amazing but can u please add the fly function thanks for readingn. And the last part, about making fun of people’s add-ons, SHUT UP. It can give you weakness. Great addon tho. 1 was … keep on doing the good work. Dude that’s so nice to say but more importantly when is your dragon addon out on addons app, No I actually don’t upload add-ons on ADDONS app, When is your dragon addon out to on the addons app. Fun mod for a short period. In addition to Dragon mods you will find a lot of interestingWith this app you can explore an incredible collection of the best addons, mods packs for your Minecraft PE game. New ios update removed the ability to just copy this stuff to minecraft ? Recommend: Dragon Block Multiverse Mod v4.0 for Minecraft BedrockThis is a completely different mod based on manga Dragon Ball (do not confuse with the Dragon Ball mod although they have some common features) for Minecraft PE..; Pocket Heroes mod for Minecraft PE 1.2Everyone has his own superhero who is the main idol.Someone likes Captain America, others like villains who want to … I do! I love how the wither dragon can close your game ??? Twitter. Hey legit you should make Swamps++ Or Mesa++ since they both lost to mountains, Btw Great addon I really enjoy the dragon. If you tame and grow the dragon, it will become your best shield, even golems will envy you. 0 More. And make sure to make those wyverns and dragons tameable. working at first but when i got the second dragon on creative they all kept flying up when i mount them. Use blockbench to make it A bridge/proxy allowing you to connect to Minecraft: Java Edition servers with Minecraft: Bedrock edition. Dude, are you going to do anything on Thursday?? The lightning dragon still crashes the game when it attacks and the tamable dragons do not move from their spot when spawned. The nether dragon is a variant of the fire dragon. Google+. Download Mod Dragon Wing Addon for MCPE Mod APK on 100modapk. It spawns in the end. Very good add-on but in a next update you could add some that fly. Por ahora esos son todos los fallos encontrados por lo demás eres brillante sigue así ? When you figure out the flying are you going to add it to the Mountains ++ dragon? I can spawn them and see them fine, but when they shoot, it crashes my iOS device. Now you can have more fun in Minecraft! I tried every dragon but the taming did not work. The animation of dragon did not work on 1.16, Please add eggs to make it more exciting, than the dragon keeps appearing everywhere, Everything looks really cool right now, but for me the tameable dragons don’t have any animations . I will give you 5 stars of making these masterpiece, Thanks! Every dragon species has its own key features that distinguish them … Download Baby Ender Dragons Addon for MCPE PC for free at BrowserCam. I’m not impressed by this addon as much as I thought I would be Definitely add more animations, but also make it less complex (like have all the dragons eat the same food so you don’t have to keep looking at the web page). The dragon flying function didn’t actually work for me I dint get it Maybe in the future update you can add fully functioning flying dragon add-on that didn’t requires any command blocks Still fantastic add-on You really do a great Jon?? I’m a monster hunter fan too so I would love if you made a monster hunter add on at least add Tigrex. By LegitDragonb0y Update #2: 01/14/2017 8:47:29 pm Jan 14th, 2017. May 21, 2020 May 13, 2020 by Gemma. Because if attached, it is out, my minecraft makes me leave my map when I put this add-on even when I put dragon mount alone without any other add-on 3 Mod Dragon Block C PE MOD V 0.1 [LIKE PC] PORTEDPRO. Sorry for being so critical I’m just telling you so you can fix it. 3. I discontinued the addon. every time i go to put the saddle on my dragon it doesnt work it takes me out of minecraft. To equip the armor, … Plz,  I worked hard on this. Remodeled the dragons, retexture them too. gross, This is pretty sick dude, Love it all the way, I would suggest to make the dragons fater thou, but if you dont, I’ll still love it, you can use a carrot on a stick to make it go faster, Noooo carrot [email protected]!? Its just an extra addon I am making for all the monster hunter fans! Its all in the addon now! Cre: LegitDragonb0y. Jajajaj. 2. i really do like some of the dragon designs such as the sunshine dragon and the skeleton dragon as i think they look quite cool. The fire scales are called end scales and the fire armor is called “endarmor” 0 Pre-Release 7 for Minecraft PEIndustrialCraft PE is a global mod for MCPE which is a very accurate IndustrialCraft copy for Minecraft PC. take note that baby dragon and wyverns like to eat chickens so dont forget to leash  or make them sit and they loved to sleep most of the time, as requested by some members on my discord we have added a riding behavior for baby dragon and wyverns, now they will ride on the shoulder of the player, to make them go down simply just hold salmon or sneak and jump. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. 3 the dragons dont move from their spots It spawns in the end, but make sure to tame the ones on the ground, not the big boss. the armor for us doesn’t work you cant put it on and the swords dont work. Can you pls upload this to Addons for Minecraft It’s hard to download this because it’s not separated into just behavior and resource packs. Pinterest. 1.The Dragon Noises – it needs dragon noise for realistic gameplay Dragon Mounts adds 17 new dragons, lots of new armor, and many new swords! What were you thinking? For some odd reason my message will not post. (But i don’t know how to tame it). Es genial pero los dragones domados sí que vuelan y eso los hace lentos para atacar, el material que deja el dragón de fuego no se ve, el dragón fantasma deja aetherscales, los dragones normales deberían usar ataque a distancia sí vuelan. P.S. 1) flying mechanic is useless, the dragon just keeps flying up and does not go down whje holding other items. I tkicks me out when i try to press e to put the saddle on it. The forest dragon has 200 health and can breath powerful projectiles. The Ignited - Scorched Lands addon for Minecraft Bedrock. I fixed it myself. I’m not saying there are no problems with this add-on, there are some things to improve. Because I get shot at by wild dragons. The sunlight dragon is a powerful dragon that appears in deserts. Vampire Craft – Humans Update V2.0 Mod adds new mobs, items and everything related to vampires in Minecraft Bedrock. Also I think the dragons’ health should be decrease. Amazing can you make a skeleton dragon and some other dragons?please answer this. PLEASE MAKE A TAMING GUIDE. 1. I mean there are problems but I managed to figure out how to stop them from happening!! The end dragon is not tameale and the wither dragoh has none textrue please help, This is cool Add on! The forest dragon will breath poison, and the ice dragon is still being textured, Nice Thanks fir gearing my suggestion I realy love dragons and also I eill make video about this addon I will put the mcpedl link and I will credit you in the description, Please make them fly otherwise this is great if you want to know how to fly ask zahf22 he has made it without scripts, Bro it kinda weird tamable with beacon!??? Hey ,can I use the ender dragon for a custom map? I really want to ride on one of those dragons ??? Meet 22 species of dragons in your Minecraft PE world. Please add daylight dragon has 1,500 health, shoots poisonous fireballs and can be tamed with potion of harming. 3. Also, thanks for shocasing my addon! 4 if u fix those things this addon would 5/5 stars. To equip the armor, long press on the screen, or right click. I’m a noob at downloading mods and resource packs, how do I get it? Better read helpful hints, advices and … It just says duplicate pack detected!? when i try to open my dragon inventory it crashes and the game closes. Dragon Mounts mods add a lot of new dragons, armors, and swords to your Minecraft PE ™ game! My dragons are not flying and I can’t get the scale dragon armors and swords, I can’t find the armor, scales, and weapons anymore. The first dragon is the Aether Dragon, a fierce dragon that spawns in the mountains. I have some suggestions. Most Item id’s are not correct (item:name) Good addon, The version doesn’t work pls work on it u rlly want this to be on my world. By ADDONS MODS MAPS MCPE | September 7, 2020. Dragons addon adds 3 different types of dragons each of which grows during a time and can be tamed in Minecraft PE. Great addon tho. Attack: Large Fireballs And maybe this addon is kinda similar to the minecraft java mod you know what I mean. What do it mean? How can I Make the Dragons blast there own fireball?? The dragons dont exactly fly they glide a bit more making it a tad bit of a annoyance to fly around. I fixed the wither dragon, and if you want that version, then ask and I will release it. SHARE US: FILE INFO: Latest Version: 7.0. 3 is very easy to manage. Is the pack realms compatible? Come on man this addon gaind my heart I can’t in install the the new one because my phone cant handle 1.16 update plzz bring it back plzzzzzz. Can you add eggs that you hatch the tameable dragons and you get them from killing non tamable dragons and you hatch them by giving it a coal and it will hatch, When do u think that update is gonna be out, I’m having a problem… The game crashes whenever I try to equip a saddle or open items while sitting on the dragon… The addon is awesome but unplayable. yeah I agree there should be more dragons like the forest dragon and the ice dragon, Can you make start from egg into the dragon Hatch February 21, 2020. are you playing on the beta? These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. If they aren’t appearing, you need to add the behaviour and resource pack to the fly world. Sorry! To use the fly function look up to fly up and look down to fly down. So will I have to re-download the mod for it to work? 1. as minecraft time goes by baby dragons and wyverns will grow or you can speed up its growing by feeding them salmon. It also spawns near aether dragons in the mountains. FlipoChannel. Hal of of them are glitching and the tamed wither dragon is not looking how it supposed to be (it is black and pink), Can u repair the tameable wither dragon? the world of which u added the behavior and resource packs to. 15 Mod Dragons Add-On !!! I cant tame the ice dragon as when i try to click on it with the fish my character just eats the fish. Published on November 29, 2019 (Updated on April 8, 2020). If you are talking about me, you are incorrect. It can also glow. How can you attack with dragons and how can you go faster with them? They are very hostile and very powerful, dragons have 4 variant skins, and they spawn on extreme hills, Wyverns have 3 types the fire wyvern, ice wyvern, and poison wyvern they spawn on custom biomes like dragons they are also very hostile and very powerful so make sure before fighting them you have a complete gear and have the stong weapons, now if you manage to defeat the wyvern or the dragon they will transform into dead entity both wyvern and dragons have their own drop items and a 50% chance of dropping eggs when dragon and wyverns are in their dead form you will need to hold an orc axe (a.k.a draxe) to get their loot, all eggs only hatch on their respective blocks, dragon eggs takes 5 minecraft days to hatch, wyvern eggs takes only 3 minecraft days to hatch, Dragons and wyverns from eggs are tameable use salmon to tame them, as minecraft time goes by baby dragons and wyverns will grow or you can speed up its growing by feeding them salmon.

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