Welcome to the Genre Theory Blog! Genre theory is how we describe films; it is the method of shortening literary works. The audience expects certain content and a certain mode of filmmaking. According to Rick Altman, there are two ways to define a genre - an inclusive or semantic way, and an exclusive or syntactic way. With today's high speed films (shorter exposure times) films may be shot with very different lighting from those of twenty years ago. David Buckingham argues that 'genre is not... simply "given" by the culture: rather, it is in a constant proc- ess of negotiation and change' (Buckingham 1993, 137). Genres are dependent on many influences, such as story line, what the audience expects and who the director is. As you develop this summary, remember the differences between a film’s story and a film’s plot and […] Genre theory is used in the study of films in order to facilitate the categorization of films. Genre and Science Fiction Genre, as defined by the Oxford dictionary (2010), is “a style or category of art, music, or literature”.It is a term that is easy to define but hard to understand. Classical tragedy, using the tenets of genre theory, is a type of fiction that should have a protagonist who is in a high position based on wealth, power or societal influence. It is a genre which is … Perhaps this in itself is proof enough that genre cannot be easily defined, and is to an extent, subjective. Did You Know? Genre Theory Daniel Chandler: Conventional definitions of genres tend to be based on the notion that they constitute particular conventions of content (such as themes or settings) and/or form (including structure and style) which are shared by the texts which are regarded as belonging to them. In using genre theory we create a short cut in how we are to describe films. Martin (forthcoming) explains that "[h]istorically the main antecedent for SFL work on genre is Firth’s theory of context, influenced by Malinowski (Firth 1957/1968), and its exemplification by Mitchell in his article on buying and selling encounters in a Libyan marketplace." We have to understand that even if we wish to define genres clearly, that it is fluid in its nature and revisionism will occur, as it has in the past, often due to sociological factors and changes in traditional ideology. Drawing heavily from the theories of literary-genre criticism, film genres are usually delineated by "conventions, iconography, settings, … and will be like. Carolyn Miller describes genre as a social construct and social action, providing the writer with a socially recognizable way to make his or her intentions known (157-58). (Gangster) * Identify a feature-length film that fits this genre and provide a basic summary of the movie. A number of perennial do u b ts plague g e n r e the-ory. Genre theory is a structuralist method of literary criticism, is reliant on the structure, or characteristics, of a work of literature to determine the genre under which it falls. Subscribe Today! What people are actually referring to is that they enjoyed the characters, the problems/conflict the characters got into, and how the characters got out of the problems and conflict.People love a movie because they like to Firstly the setting, Shane (Steven 1953) located in an isolated western alley and The Searcher (Ford 1956) in Northern Texas. The movie The Notebook is a romance drama movie. Genre theory is a way to classify films into a general category to give viewers an idea of what type of film they will be watching, as well as what to expect from the film. The audience whom go to those films expect to see zombie, were wolves,werewolvess and more. The basic genres include fiction and documentary, from which subgenres have emerged, such as docudrama. Genre will often be divided by observing characteristic features exhibited within a film, using recurring symbols and motifs within the film to place it within a genre. An audience member might not see a musical film due to their preferences and believing they cannot derive pleasure from seeing such a film. Genre theory is a very good way of marketing a film both for the producers, secondly for the audience. Genre theory is a method of literary criticism. When we speak of the western we know that within this collection of films we may expect to find gun fights, horses and indians, the solitary cowboy and to some degree the actors and directors of such films. It has become a logo of sorts marking which films certain people may want to see. High or epic fantasy. This blog will capture some ideas generated by University of Maryland (UMD) English graduate students as we explore genre theory during our Spring 2013 708 seminar led by Professor Melanie Kill. When marketing and studying cinema it is important to know whom the intended audience are. Genre is a concept used in film studies and film theory to describe similarities between groups of films based on aesthetic or broader social, institutional, cultural, and psychological aspects. Altman even suggests a third approach which acknowledges the wider societal context of films, that they exist in an industry which aims to cater to audiences, ultimately, for the goal of profit and audience gratification. Genre theory is used in the examination of films in order to enable the classification of films. What may have been typical of a genre at one time may evolve other time as the audience evolve in such a way that an action film from the a few years ago may be a very slow paced film by today's standards, compare for example the Western with the action film. A filmmaker may create a film of a different genre but may incorporate a scene where the characters sing as they would in a musical, and it would be refreshing, enjoyable, and pleasurable to the audience member. Are genres really 'out there' in the world, or are. Genre will often be divided by observing characteristic features exhibited within a film, using recurring symbols and motifs within the film to place it within a genre. If all films were exactly the same then genre theory would be easy to study and defining which type of film it is would be easy. Daniel C h a nd l er . During the course we will look at genre theory from a rhetorical perspective and examine how genres influence… Genre theory revolves around the ideas surrounding how we define and distinguish genres, and how we categorise films into genres based on usually conventional factors. It has become a logo of sorts marking which films certain people may want to see. More recent inquiry in genre criticism centers on the bias often inherent in genre criticism such as its latent (or overt) racism and sexism." Classification of a group of films in which individual films share similar subject matter and ways of organizing the subject through narrative and stylistic patterns. Following by narratives, fall under Wright’s (1977) four plots, Shane (Steven 1953) as classical plot and The Searcher … Genre Theory is a collective term used to describe theoretical approaches that are concerned with how similar situations generate typified responses. Theory and practice The goal of the setting the context stage is to explore the communicative purpose (e.g., to persuade readers to care for the environment) of a particular genre. Genre theory is a very good way of marketing a film both for the producers, secondly for the audience. How to analyse the win of Donald Trump in election from the view of communication theory? When we speak of a horror film, we know everyone will die except one. Genre theory offers a way of thinking about how language depends on context. What film studios can do is use genre - familiarity - as a tool to grab audience attention, and then incorporate the new and/or unfamiliar into the film, as genre indicates pleasure to the audience. An Introduction to Genre Theory . Most theories of film genre are borrowed from the literary world. We know that it was created after the Second World War and that the role of the woman was changing and this was an important element to the audience of the time because it was re-defining the fabric of the society. This is particularly important when considering what technology was being used.

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