Great Britain: Reviews of Travel Resources, User-submitted Waterfall Write-up of the Month, and the latest news and updates both within the website as well as around the wonderful world of waterfalls. The pleats and pillars of Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls This place is very easy to see as it’s off the main road and the viewing point just off the car park, so worth a quick stop. ... Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls. To get here from the Quiraing, continue on A855, heading south past Staffin. Before you get to Staffin, you'll see Loch Mealt on your left and shortly after there will be an overlook and parking for Mealt Falls. Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls. Get over the hump of the mid-week blues! Canvas print of Black and White Photograph of Kilt Rock and the Mealt Waterfall on the Isle of Skye, Highlands, Scotland An American Au Pair Adventuring in the Netherlands and Europe. A minimum of three seats must be booked for the tour to operate. Experiencing Mealt Falls As for our visit to Mealt Falls, walking to the overlook of both the falls and the Kilt Rock couldn’t have been easier. We will stop next at the Kilt Rock, then Lealt falls, where you can have a short walk. You can actually walk further up the trail if you have the time. The water of Loch Mealt plunges 55 meters down, over the cliffs of Kilt rock, directly into the Atlantic Ocean. From the cliff-top viewpoint you can also get a nice look at Mealt Falls, a waterfall that plummets 328 feet (100 m) over Kilt Rock to the rock-laden shoreline below. In the foreground you’ll see the Mealt Falls feeding the sea and in the background is the Kilt Rock, named because the basalt rock columns look like a pleated kilt. Mealt falls are located near Elishader, south of Staffin, along road A855 on the Isle of Sky in Scotland (United Kingdom). From the car park, hop over the creek and then the fence, heading north through the fields (there may be a path of sorts). What Is Rental Car Insurance Coverage? 720. Looking north, you will first see the Mealt Falls tumbling off the cliff’s edge into the sea. 1.6 miles south of Staffin, on A855, there will be a car park, labeled for Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls. It’s small viewing area and parking lot were packed with people. This is 17 km north of Portree, up Staffin Road. The Houston Astros Radio Network is an American broadcast network of radio affiliates in operation since 1962 that broadcast coverage of the Houston Astros before, during, and after that team's games. more, Copyright 2020 World Of Waterfalls, All Rights Reserved Photo: Paul Hermans, CC BY-SA 3.0. You were able to feel the peace and relaxation. The car park is right off A885, and the falls are just a 50-100 foot walk past this. The cliff edge is fenced, but still be careful and keep to the designated viewpoint .. don’t miss this trail. The nearby Mealt Waterfall free-falls 60 metres off the cliff’s side into Ramsay Sound. It was incredibly windy/snowy when we went, so it was very convenient to be able to pop over to see the beautiful falls quite quickly (rather than having an extensive hike). Scotland. Is It Necessary? Want to Visit? Kilts are traditional Scottish menswear attire. The hike was easy apart from one river crossing. 122. Metal Mart offers high quality prefabricated steel buildings, metal roofing, steel building materials, carports, hardware & accessories and much more! Once you get to the top, it is surrounded with stunning 360 views of the ocean and if you look closely you are able to observe the Kilt rock and Mealt falls from afar which is even more stunning than up-close. Staffin is situated 1½ miles northwest of Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls Viewpoint. Been Here? It's about a 20 min walk north until you see the main formation. Personally, this was one of my favourite spots on the Isle of Skye due to it being so quiet. We are independently owned so content written by us merely reflect our own opinions. Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls, Isle of Skye, Scotland - Duration: 0:20. Subscribe and get exclusive curated content delivered to your inbox every Wednesday. Jim Nabors - Behind the Scenes with host Matt Lauer - Duration: 44:05. 0:20. Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls Nearby Hotels Some of the most epic views on the Isle of Skye require very little hiking, including two of the most awe-inspiring sights that can both be seen from the same observation point on the Trotternish Peninsula. If you plan to drive the A855 coastal route you should make a quick stop at the Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls viewpoint. You will be mesmerised just looking at the cliff that resembles a kilt and by vastness of the spread of water beyond. The content on this website may not be copied or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without prior written permission.HOME ♦ PRIVACY POLICY ♦ TERMS. Images. Roddy was the only sensible one wearing wellies, so he carried the rest of us on his back, one by one, getting us over to the other side with dry feet. The Kilt Rock is a 90 meter rock formation, which looks similar to a pleated kilt. As we walked on, the famous Kilt Rock started to appear in the distance and soon after, we spotted the equally famous Mealt Waterfall. This is a popular stopping point on the road between Portree and Staffin and there is a large car park by the waterfall at NG508655, at Ellishadder. I do not recommend looking over the edge if you have a fear of heights. There is a free car park so just pull in and walk over to the viewing area where you can see Kilt rock itself and a beautiful waterfall too. For East Texas gun owners, getting ammunition has been a struggle over the past year, with supply shortages in nearly all calibers for pistols and rifles. There is a free car park so just pull in and walk over to the viewing area where you can see Kilt rock itself and a beautiful waterfall too. Talisker Distillery. Kilt Rock Viewpoint Trail is a 0.2 mile (470-step) route located near Portree, Scotland. Tours including Kilt Rock. Places on our journey: Portree harbor, Old Man of Storr, Lealt Falls, Kilt Rock, Mealt Falls, Kilv Following the 2-hour (nonstop) route on the Isle of Skye peninsula from a home base of Portree, we saw a number of sites along the way, did some hiking, and visited a neolithic underground souterrain. View Isle of Skye. Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls are difficult to see well from the cliff edge, but still worth a quick visit. (Kilt Rock Waterfall) Mealt falls (also named Kilt Rock Waterfall) is certainly an extraordinary waterfall. The content on this website may not be copied or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without prior written permission.HOME ♦ PRIVACY POLICY ♦ TERMS, Affiliate Disclosure: We receive compensation from companies whose products or services are used, referenced, or reviewed regardless of whether we endorse or criticize them. This is also a great spot for spotting dolphins and seals in the right season Fantastic viewpoint.The viewing platform is slightly awkward as you are leaning out over the cliff to get a glimpse of the waterfall. This site is a very quick stop but definitely worth doing. This route has an elevation gain of about 9.8 ft and is rated as easy. The Quiraing. “Scotland Yards” (Scotland, UK – August 20, 2014 to August 30, 2014), United Kingdom Itinerary – August 12, 2014 to September 12, 2014, Auto Europe Car Rental Review: Why We Book With Them. The Mealt Falls and Kilt Rock viewpoint is a stunning viewpoint which gives you views of the famous Rock which waterfalls resemble a kilt, or that is what the legends states. Radio content is broadcast in both the English and Spanish languages. Brothers Point Not many people are aware of this hike within Skye and what a pleasure it was to actually have the ability to walk … Access to some areas will depend on weather and road conditions. This stop was mentioned in multiple tourist guides; however, I found it the least impressive. Kilt Rock is part of the Trotternish coastline and offers ocean views across to mainland Scotland. Talisker Distillery is the only whisky distillery on the Isle of Skye. Kilt Rock Viewpoint Trail Walk - Portree, Scotland | Pacer You could experience Kilt Rock through any one of these tours below. The other point of interest is the Mealt waterfall, which is fed from the nearby freshwater lake, Mealt Loch, which then free-fall off the cliff for 55 metres into the Sound of Raasay below. 2.28 miles. On this stunning Scottish island, you can walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs. An absolutely breathtaking view of the Mealt Waterfall. The famous Kilt Rock is a sea cliff in north east Trotternish. Self-drive. All reviews viewing platform kilt rock minute stop overflow car park picnic benches worth a stop the cliff bus tour parking area old man rainy day amazing views ... it was lovely and better than mealt falls. It is said to resemble a kilt, with vertical basalt columns to form the pleats and intruded sills of dolerite forming the pattern. In fact, our passion for waterfalling is so strong that we’ve not only traveled the world looking for them, but we’ve created this website to share our personal experiences with you! Feeling the force of the elements at Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls A blustery walk out to Brothers Point A spectacular, muddy scramble down to Lealt Falls Hiking out to … Basically from the well-signed car park (between Loch Mealt and the dramatic sea cliffs), we walked a few paces to … 2.16 miles. Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls This is the quickest stop of the day and offers epic views along the coastline of the Isle of Skye. Nigel Cole 10,757 views. I wouldn't travel all that way for Mealt falls but hey, you're pretty much there anyway and you pass Kilt Rock to get to the Quiraing so its definitely worth the stop and you definitely should go the extra 10 mins or so to the Quiraing. Kilt Rock and Mealt Waterfall. Take a tour, … Find the best walking trails near you in Pacer App. View fullscreen . The falls were about 2 miles down the a855 from the entrance to the beach. This is also a great spot for spotting dolphins and seals in the right season Quiz Bowl Questions/Answers from every State 2004-2012 Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. A short trail at Kilt Rock Viewpoint. [more], Copyright 2021 World Of Waterfalls, All Rights Reserved If you walk across the paved area to the metal rail, you can look over the edge of the cliff to the water crashing over the rocks. Log in, My wife and I love chasing waterfalls! The “Kilt Rock” is the rock formation in the distance below and is said to resemble a Kilt. From there a stop for photographs at the Old Man of Storr and then back to Portree. Staffin is a district with the Gaelic name An Taobh Sear, which translates as "the East Side", on the northeast coast of the Trotternish peninsula of the island of Skye. This was one of the few places we encountered in Scotland with guard rails. From the waterfall, you will be able to view Kilt Rock’s pillar-like rock formations made of basalt. September-when the leaves start changing, the air becomes a bit more crisp, and sweaters make their grand return. Fairy Glen. Turn in here and park.

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