Edit here to enter Fill up the application form. 0000037308 00000 n %���F˥ٔe NZ�"XӼ*V�����d��Q J ��� :�=M��P�T��!����A�3AF�Ɲ�(����P5 ��!�1����+f<5:��iq��xq��gS���9�n� �v^$a�@ybg�`�b!Kd蓲�Ev�X&|��Y�V\A���k��۹��2� BOCHK helps maximise your wealth potentials with innovative, professional and diversified services, striving to become Your Premier Bank. Undertake to inform the Bank of any changes to your details. 0000031109 00000 n Apply for the relevant Account(s) as selected in this application form; 2. 0000001750 00000 n Personal or joint, aged 18 or above. All designed to cater for the different needs and lifestyles of the customers. Hong Leong Bank updated their cover photo. 0000013429 00000 n 0000001813 00000 n Personalize your banking experience. �1��E�`���u��ڹ1]֕���tت�˭�$�0c2M�������՝���p�A�Z^v&�� Em)�;��:֩�M��J��ځyHC��vӦT�����v���fT�p���=81�}���;�� ߀�BS;��-[C�tw�E 5�V�S�1:�w�K�UС��^������q���� pC;�'�g��Wf7?�͂~��)fQC��� `��&��)������5\�=!ӱ��%����8=͆�T"T ����]�Q�$$ Furnish the particulars required to open the account and declare that all the information is correct. Hong Leong Asset Management Bhd [199401033034 (318717-M)] ... Account Opening Form (Institution) Bank Name: Bank A/C No: Third party account is strictly prohibited. >, Reservation of Intellectual Property Rights. Savings Account. Go to the nearest Chinabank branch in your area. Minimum requirement of opening DBS Account. 0000014898 00000 n For non-Hong Kong residents, a valid government-issued photographic driving license or national identity card containing the current residential address or bank statements issued by a bank 13. How on earth that leading bank in Malaysia such a failure. Latest Memorandum and Articles of Association. 0000033758 00000 n Protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor. Min. Hong Leong Bank Basic savings account allows you to deposit money, keep it safe, and withdraw funds, all while earning interest. Now, generally, only local and known customers can open conventional Hong Kong bank accounts. J-?�q�KU-���m���*F�EAm�����a�`4�,���RD��:@�i`.� Pu��X��--��B1 Provide the Bank with all such documents/forms, as may be prescribed by the Bank, together with your specimen signature for sighting/verification by the Bank's authorised officer. Get in touch with our SME Specialist at 1800 338 8338 0000017392 00000 n End up, opening with hong leong bank. Open bank account now! Siam Legal makes it easier for you, by providing an assistance in opening a bank account in Thailand. This handy guide will explain the differences between the most commonly used bank accounts in Hong Kong, and the steps to apply for one. Required documents to open Business Current Account: Cambodian National IDs/Passports of the authorized Signatories and Board of Director (s) Certificate of Incorporation. The minimum requirement of DBS Account is to have deposit of HKD 200,000. You can usually call the bank customer service number or check the bank’s official website for information on what you need to open a bank account at any of their branches. details for productdetail page promotion, Savings Account ��j�Y��I���d�N�Z{�s_OX���e�I�S �z1�� 0000014498 00000 n Interest is calculated daily and paid half-yearly. Current Account. 0000006708 00000 n Hong Leong Bank with you 24/7. To open an integrated account through the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app as an existing customer, you have to meet the following criteria: Reside in Hong Kong; Be between 18-65 years old; Hold at least 1 sole deposit account or joint account (either to sign) with HSBC; Not hold a sole integrated account with HSBC Fixed Deposit. 3. “THAT approval be and is hereby given for the Company or its successors in title to apply for the services and / or facilities described as “Hong Leong Online (Business)” and such other services ��ΏAد�����4���v`l4 K���ho�s_����A��U+�m��/���E��Y�E6��p��N�M���I���ex�ߗ�gm�)W�WsƢ�& 0000023252 00000 n To Combat the Covid-19 outbreak, Hong Leong Finance has rolled out Covid-19 Loan Relief Schemes to help customers to tide over difficult time. Hong Leong Bank Savings Account Interest Rate 0% to 0.05% p.a. With SME Centres islandwide, you can access to our dedicated team of business specialists to aid in your business plans. The company secretary will not involve in OR responsible for any open bank account application by the company or the director. Open a fuss free, low-cost account from your mobile phone in minutes. There was a time when Hong Kong was one of the easiest places in the world to open a business account, with no limits on the transfer of international funds. ��50�x@DE!�w@g�2f`�*c�V ��P�DD;ЅH�`�A 4�2� Sl �6�fs&�=@Z�I^^�ZE�h�]Qŝ0�@����;NR\��E��'2M`�b�����З�� �9��ll*V��2~�5�5�Q~#������!�?���" �00�tCs�s� ��� endstream endobj 86 0 obj <> endobj 87 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 595.28 841.89]/Type/Page>> endobj 88 0 obj [/ICCBased 112 0 R] endobj 89 0 obj <> endobj 90 0 obj <>stream 1. While the actual requirements may vary, most of the documents you need to open a bank account in Malaysia are similar. *�u=)��{["�[�⠔'aA�l�9�cNQ���Y��vȑ�1o8�O��=.Ń�.vZm�:�� �^ic��3��R/i����I#޶����ٓ����ቚkrS�BЀBhP4!�]�����t���hil�l���@C���W�L���p��M��tm�L�@�٘����A#��D'�T p�\�fI ����3 Please click HERE for the exhaustive list of fees and charges. Hong Leong Investment Bank Berhad (“HLIB”) takes a zero-tolerance position on bribery and corruption and is guided by our corporate values which call upon us to act professionally, fairly and with integrity in our business dealings and relationships. 4. H�TWKn-� �{��{"R%�3�2���d`x��ªb���ˢ~d�H��Ѯ=��5�|��~���������]������=�4�~��?r�߿?���j�c�Kӽ.ۯ�f���F�?~�W�������� �s�8������~p�� ����'�FF�L �V�y����e7�\�;L�G�i�˹h�V����p�ě3�p���M��99�`g�8�dvdw�y�Mó�7�뗽����R&�4l�c��l�\z:m 0000014077 00000 n 0000002404 00000 n Open a savings account with a minimum deposit of RM20. Usually banks in Thailand require too many documentation for a foreigner who wishes to open a bank account in Thailand. What can the company secretary do is to prepare & certify the board resolution with the above details, together with the ctc documents (Form 49, 44, 24, 9 & M&A), for directors to present to the bank. A. HONG LEONG BANK HONG LEONG ONLINE BUSINESS 1. Contact us now. Go to the new account section and advise the teller you’re going to open a savings account. 0000016410 00000 n 0000015867 00000 n However, for the last couple of years, opening a conventional bank account in Hong Kong has become almost impossible due to stricter banking regulation. Requirements to Open a Bank Account in Malaysia. 3 Easy steps to open savings account in Chinabank. Deposit RM200; Hong Leong Islamic Saving Account-i Profit Rate 0.15% to 0.8% p.a. ��!r��ӍD��Bh�[�I(۠��IH��Y��B���q�6^to+�{���c �-����d��8������'e'�;#5M��� � ���(�m�a�ɝ$�5��/��`0B�-�r��Y��cM2�1t�"���\d,|�֙�V\� 8��t�� L)^ ����tj����'�����&2�+D�)�Ō�A�X �$H�8���/�@8N�ŭh�Q+���L���5���)! If you already have your work permit, a non-immigrant B visa, a non-immigrant O-A visa, or a non-immigrant visa for business, then you should be eligible to open an account with most banks. Open a Basic Savings account online in 3 simple steps now! You are leaving Hong Leong Bank's website as such our Privacy Notice shall cease. Make sure to bring the requirements listed above. Current Accounts. Deposit RM200; AmBank Everyday Savings Account Interest Rate 0.15% to 0.5% p.a. The only exceptions are children under 18 years old who apply for US, Australia and Canada accounts. 4. 0000017530 00000 n 12. ... controlled or affiliated with or in any way related to Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited or any member of Standard Chartered Group ( the "Bank"). While opening a basic bank account is quite straightforward, opening a business bank account requires a bit more work. DBS Account. Access and manage your account through Hong Leong Connect online and mobile banking app, ATMs and branches nationwide. Letter of Approval from the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) Annual Tax Declaration. 0000010845 00000 n An acknowledgement of receipt duly signed by you in response to a letter sent by our bank within the last 3 months to the address provided by you 14. 0000004558 00000 n Min. 0000036855 00000 n Please click the following link to download the required documents & information:- Yes, the minimum required age is 18 years old. Able to open a savings/current account in one of the biggest bank … W׷��%Vn�J�Yzn�M�: �^ԗf\N�j=�Eˣle4vK���. 0000021448 00000 n ... Open Savings Account D�h��k��������B~Gm�*���'���&���R�TC��]�B��y�4t��cА�3撝�r��Q��O@��ﱶ�'��lk�ZѰ�C�ƛ65�]߼��mG�t �9����X%�;"^�VtL��o�@�#�{������Y3�~4%����J�>�v+��5� I@�����d{@ Malaysian citizens and permanent residents age 18 years and above. Hong Leong Bank and Hong Leong Islamic Bank have become the first bank in Malaysia to offer online-only onboarding and account opening, following the introduction of e-KYC guidelines in the country. 0000033910 00000 n Do I need to apply online if I am already a client of Hong Leong Investment Bank? Open an account in minutes from your smartphone with Apply@HLB. 0000015457 00000 n As we can only assist customers who have an existing HSBC Hong Kong relationship, you would need to first open an account within Hong Kong. 0000002255 00000 n 0000002291 00000 n 0000027980 00000 n S$30 early account closure fee, if the account is closed within 6 months of opening Fees and Charges apply for over-the-counter transactions 1 These interest rates are effective from 1 January to 31 January 2021 and apply to individual depositors only. And your debit card will be delivered to your address within 14 working days after your account is opened. 0000008791 00000 n ... BUSINESS INFORMATION REQUIREMENT. %PDF-1.5 %���� Checkout today with your HLB Cards. A savings account to cater to your basic banking needs at minimal cost with lots of features and benefits. Keep track of your finances with monthly e-statement that is accessible 24/7 via Connect online / mobile banking. FOREIGN ACCOUNT TAX COMPLIANCE ACT (“FATCA”) DECLARATION Select one of the following: For Office Use: Note: Please click here to see how to open DBS Account Latest Patent Certificate. 0000014165 00000 n 0000037132 00000 n With over 100 licensed banks and a plethora of banking services, there are many types of accounts geared to your needs. If I am not an HSBC Hong Kong customer, can you still help me to apply for an overseas account? Benefits. 0000013040 00000 n 0000016836 00000 n Deposit RM200; Hong Leong Pay and Save Account Interest Rate 1.5% p.a. �J�U�(q9��J������Ի��-�6�E��+xB߬���/R�T�'�;w�ɒ#y�R�㏶�9r��� �[�� �T[��NpҘ��$����XJ}����6��\��9\���j�h��:m�����њy�ץ.s�T�rx��z���ONa�xҩ U0�E�Ӓi�2an���ץ3' ]���r�Q"�%W"������d���U93������އ��|����X|l؅�3k+�X�6�-����a�O �- 85 0 obj <> endobj xref 85 36 0000000016 00000 n Make your money work for you E-Saver Account. h�b```b``1g`2�@�� Y8~@��p��q�����9���"����0odp��5�s/��;��|q������™ub�9Y��_4 Kid's Saving Account. (b) I hereby consent for Hong Leong Asset Management Berhad, or any of its affiliates, including branches (collectively “the Manager”) to report my information to regulatory authorities in accordance with the requirements of Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act as … HL Bank Singapore offers a host of personal financing products and services ranging from loans, savings / current accounts, online banking, mobile banking and more. Min. Hong Leong Bank Berhad 193401000023 (97141-X) Hong Leong Islamic Bank Berhad 200501009144 (686191-W) Our Artificial Intelligence Advisor is ready to assist you Chat with Us Min. 0000042579 00000 n 2. Unfortunately, this is an account for non-residents, clubs, societies and associations. Save for a better future. Open bank account via SC Mobile. Within 5 mins, close account and get back money that deposited early. However, there are still many banks which will allow you to open a current account without one, such as Bangkok Bank which is a main bank in Thailand. 1. Funny parts with maybank account activated, sign few papers for cheque book all done at last notice by officer “ouch” system doesn’t recognise 13 digits registration number. Is there a minimum age to open a trading account? 0000019747 00000 n Our Covid-19 Safeguard measures implemented at our branches to help protect the well-being of our customers and employees. The teller will provide you the application form. Hong Leong Finance provides deposits, loans and corporate finance for SME & Corporate in Singapore. Malaysian citizens and permanent residents aged 18 years and above can open this account singly or jointly. HKD Current Account. ... Savings Account » Hong Leong Bank. Instilling savings habits at a young age. Hong Leong Investment Bank Bhd (via email/ phone call) dividend will be credited into your trust account within 7 days 3. trailer <]/Prev 225360>> startxref 0 %%EOF 120 0 obj <>stream 0000001016 00000 n Compared to some countries in the world, opening a bank account in Hong Kong is relatively easy and straightforward. Open a bank account online via Hang Seng Personal Banking mobile app or make an appointment now. 0000014472 00000 n HONG LEONG ISLAMIC BANK BERHAD (686191-W) Page 1 of 17 ... “Business Day” means a day on which HLBB/ HLISB is open for business in West Malaysia, ... OPERATION(S) OF ACCOUNT 6.1 The minimum age requirement for the subscription of HLTIA-i shall be no less than eighteen (18) years old. Accountholders can be single-named or joint. You are only required a low initial deposit of RM20 to open this account. Last call on our 'Book Now, Travel Later' deals to Pahang, Penang, T... erengganu and more! 0000033828 00000 n We wish to remind you on our terms on the use of links, Disclaimer and Reservation of Intellectual Property Rights. Declare that all information furnished to Hong Leong Bank Berhad (HLB)/ Hong Leong Islamic Bank (HLISB) are complete, true and correct and will immediately inform HLB/HLISB of any changes to the same and authorize HLB/HLISB to verify and obtain any other information Have deposit of HKD 200,000(or its equivalent in foreign currencies) or above. We offer comprehensive banking services including deposits, integrated accounts, exchange and more.

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