A man could dismiss it, saying that it doesn’t tell anything about the real issues of the day. Phair: Well, when you get older you'll find you need about a ten year gap between you and your rivals to not feel threatened by them. A Career-Spanning Conversation With Liz Phair XPN. In an interview with Vice, Phair explained: "My hope was that someone would hear the song in the gym and buy the record and then start buying my albums and sort of have an awakening". BLVR: I guess that’s one reason I like the song “Shane.” I like that it’s both bedroom-sounding but also addresses broader issues, like the Gulf War. Phair: I answered Mick. I’ve got so many songs you guys will never hear, that are just not good, and you have to try to make a statement. Now everyone’s doing what they set out to do. On my last album, there’s a song about my brother, called “Only Son.” It’s about what he’s gone through and what his pains are. She’s pretty strong willed herself, so it was a very exciting experience making a song with someone who is a peer. If you don’t just take it as what you hear at sports games, but rather think about who’s involved in singing it. [Phair and her son Nick had recently returned from Legoland—the one in Southern California.]. Guyville is so subversive, intentionally or unintentionally?what exactly was it a response to? Underneath that, of course, you have all sorts of different feelings about what you’re doing, where you want to be, and how you feel about your life. I mean parasite, but it had more panache, it did. LP: It’s only the second year running. I'm looking him up and down, see? It took a pandemic and Zoom to bring Alanis Morissette and Liz Phair together for an interview, but once they saw one another on-screen, little else was needed for … People were pretty sure Liz Phair had rabies, or something. Birner: Then twenty-four. Stream songs including "Leap of Innocence", "Wind and the Mountain" and more. By Estelle Tang. I think you dignify all the personas and emotions you include in your songs, and I wonder if you think that it’s because you’re being just brutally honest, or because you’re actually trying to render the persona wounded in some way, and thus more empathetic. For the most part, it was a deeply misunderstood move. But still and nevertheless: who else tells stories the way she does? Liz Phair’s indelible, essential debut album has been reissued with three crucial bedroom tapes that further define the innovative and unselfconscious songwriting from early in her career. Instead, she's interviewing the "Jagged Little Pill" star for The Times. on October 28, 2010, 8:52am. Phair: I try to stay free of confines. It was... moonlighting in the pop world. Her song “Love is Nothing” on whitechocolatespaceegg contains a scene in which a man is telling a woman about all the friends they have in common, and by the time he figures it out, she finds herself yawning. [Goes to mirror] It looks like I have really heavy fuscia black eye shadow on. I didn't feel it was representative of my scope, emotionally. Rock and roll isn't a salary. Liz Phair sat down for a chat to discuss her new album Funstyle as well as other things. Toward the end of 1996, she began to work on her third album, but it took her nearly a year and a half to compete it, due to a variety of reasons. Let me put it this way: In your twenties, what’s wrong with you is often a source of private shame. Liz Phair, the rocker who first gained acclaim with her 1993 album Exile In Guyville has recently come under attack as a sell-out. LP: I think so, or whatever source I’m drawing from— I can do songs from a male perspective, for example. It’s different than fighting for your life next to your brothers for a symbol, for an America that doesn’t even exist yet. LP: I think when I create an album I’m doing that consciously, but when I make the song I think it’s natural. Liz Phair Interview Austin Convention Center, Thursday, March 13. So here are the transcripts: Ken: Ok, before I really get into this, may I ask what version of the iPhone you have? In a new interview, Liz Phair looks back on her first four albums, the legacy of Exile in Guyville, and being an inspiration to today's female songwriters. Rahman and Liz Phair, which plays over the film's end credits. It was a head-butt. I have my good points and my bad points and that’s what these are. LP: I don’t think it impacted me nearly as much as the guy I was with after my husband. Birner: You have yet to match the praise of Exile In Guyville, your debut. Interview: Liz Phair. February 27, 2012 • Get nostalgic with World Cafe's roundup of archival interviews, featuring '90s modern-rock stars Liz Phair, Belly, Matthew Sweet and more. Her new album, Liz Phair, will be released this June; it’s her first album in five years. LP: I put ice on it all last night, but I don’t really know. I feel like I have made big mistakes and now I’m sort of at the end of my thirties, not married… I want to be with someone—I have a really good sense of who I am and what hurts me. In 1993, Liz Phair’s “Exile in Guyville” was the album of choice for a certain cohort of angsty young women. 'What's the matter with the boy?/He don't come around no more?' BLVR: There are characters in Oscar Wilde who do that, too. I had a long relationship after that and I worked closely with him.That was by far more up and down and disastrous in the end than my marriage was. I think that when people hear big production they think,“She’s fallen victim to concerns of commerce.”What I hear when I hear the record is,“Do you remember that day, how amazing was that?” I picked moments. It was a song-by-song response to this guy in my neighborhood who was much like Mick in his attitude. [Look at Me was short-listed for the National Book Award in 2001.The novel’s protagonist is 35-year-old Charlotte, who works as a model until her face is disfigured in an accident.] — Liz Phair (@PhizLair) September 6, 2019 The singer opened up about a number of topics in the interview, including the sexual harassment she experienced in the music industry. Birner: You mean emotionally or financially? I also read Jennifer Egan’s Look at Me. And now, with her new album, hay will surely be made of the fact that not only is this her most explicit album, but three of its songs were written and composed with the help of the Matrix, the Los Angeles-based songwriting and production team that helped Avril Lavigne create some of her hit songs. Phair: Earlier it hurt because it seemed nobody liked anything else I did, but I'm so far from that now. An extensive booklet containing an oral history by Jason Cohen including interviews with Liz Phair, Chris Brokaw, Brad Wood, John Henderson and more, an essay by Liz Phair, and an essay by journalist Ann Powers. She’s like, “Should we just do this back in my bedroom?” I was like,“Yeah, that’s a great place to write, how absolutely perfect.” And it was fun. She's composing music for the potentially controversial CBS show "Swingtown", about sex, marriage, and key parties in the 1970s. I want to move to the Hills so when I call a dermatologist I can say, “I’m a singer; I have a black eye,” and they’ll be like, “Okay, here’s your K shot.” It’s a drag. Phair: Maybe it was that English wit-we lived there for a while, so Anglophonic irony was pervasive in my home life. in hopes that she would expand her audience and attract more listeners to its parent record, Liz Phair (2003). LP: And there were three other people helping, and they each have their own area of expertise so the song comes out really big-sounding. BLVR: In MFA programs, short stories have to be within eleven and twenty pages. It was something I chased down-the best of all my little adventures in recording land. There’s nothing. I'm very happy about having done Guyville and I'm very happy it's such an acclaimed record. Or the Best Song About It, At Least. It was so cute to see him there. But it’s no less authentic in the way that we did it, because we did it the same way I do it. Phair: (laughs) I just did! Is that flag still there, and all that it means? It’s wrong, because I pray everyday that I’ll become financially savvy at some point and start a business or own something that. Liz Phair Interview, 1994. Or the Best Song About It, At Least. And there was literally no more money-I was already over budget, and because The Matrix got these radio songs, all of a sudden the label's like, 'put whatever you want on,' for which I'm eternally grateful. My son gave me a giant black eye. It’s hard to explain; a lot of people from the outside are like, “How could you write with someone, how could you do that?” I think those are people who don’t write. Liz Phair, whose widely influential 1990s albums have been enjoying a revival in recent years, has signed a new deal with the relaunched Chrysalis Records and will release her first album in a deca… I mean, I kept doing interviews and trying to help people through it therapy-wise who were upset or felt a betrayal — I do get it. One of my friends from college had this theory that all you needed to be in this world was fabulous and you could just skate through it as an artist, that there was supposed to be the youngest and most fabulous in any circle and as you got older you had to find an older circle. [The sound of a small voice away from the phone. LP: I think the National Anthem is a really genius song. LP: We fucked around. He introduced me, and the sense I got was that they kind of thought I'd done something bad, and forgave me for it. Liz dissects Exile in Guyville and how the album cover was developed. People thought my making pop songs would change other material. World Cafe Looks Back: '90s Alternative Liz Phair, the rocker who first gained acclaim with her 1993 album Exile In Guyville has recently come under attack as a sell-out. She immediately invited me. Riot grrrl legend Allison Wolfe, of the band Bratmobile, interviews indie icon Liz Phair about mansplainers, media manipulation, and the magic of making music. LP: I’d be scared out of my mind, but I’d probably do it. May 15, 2020 • We met up with Liz Phair during a Sense Of Place trip to Los Angeles in early March. [Phair’s call waiting goes off; she takes the call and returns. And she's no stranger to controversy: Her seminal album Exile in Guyville was heralded as both groundbreaking and depraved. How do you decide how big your canvas will be? LP: Your jewels, I don’t know baby. It’s like that movie Impromptu. Liz Phair: A Rock & Roll Star Is Born ... It’s a magazine, and Phair fires off a quick phone interview. Phair: No, that the songs I wrote myself would be rendered stupid and pop-driven. LP: I’m worried about writing these days. But I’ve been reading his books and just laughing at the social commentary. Besides, I could make a good indie record but it would be completely contrived, because I don't live in that world anymore. Rahman for PEOPLE LIKE US, Taking on the Male Rock Establishment, Her New Album and More by Christina Radish June 26, 2012 Liz Phair’s debut album, Exile in Guyville, was released in 1993, and was followed by Whip-Smart in 1994 and whitechocolatespaceegg in 1998. And yet, Phair is never judgmental of her protagonists’ love interests or friends; nor do the protagonists of her songs, who are mostly young and female, judge themselves. It’s obviously something that needs to be addressed.The worst part is you never become the wealthy landowner or anything.You’re never anything more than that.You’re a charming grift. Birner: Cause the tone is kind of upbeat? Liz Phair, whose widely influential 1990s albums have been enjoying a revival in recent years, has signed a new deal with the relaunched Chrysalis Records and will release her first album in a deca… "I started counting how many (female artists) were in this book called Modern Art and it was something as horrifying as sixteen women before 1960 were included. Composition Maybe [contemporary writing] has been bad for a while, I’m not sure. LP: Or worse, that I’m getting eye-lift surgery or something, but only in one eye. Liz Phair Wrote the Book on Fucking. It wasn’t the right two people, but we are reasonable and we parent together.Whereas the relationship I had after my marriage,I don’t know what that was, but it was definitely kind of damaging to my self esteem. Composition by Karina Halle. I'd rather be authentic in my creative process, even if people hate it. I wish I had saved the fuscia eye shadow from last summer because then I could do the other eye and match. It’s a really different experience, and produces a different kind of song. I’m picking up books and they just don’t encourage me. And that’s that moment. [To interviewer] Sorry. And my new album, in my mind, is kind of a statement to say you can be fucked up and still enjoy living.You can have an awareness of what you’ve gained, what you’ve lost. It’s gross. I mean, I kept doing interviews and trying to help people through it therapy-wise who were upset or felt a betrayal — I do get it. Even if I pretended I was independent, that really was never the case. Listen to Somebody's Miracle by Liz Phair on Apple Music. Following the halfhearted reception to Whip-Smart-- good enough to retain her critical stature, not good enough to enhance it -- Liz Phair slowly retreated from view, marrying and having a child. BLVR: How was Legoland? Not a grifter, what do you call it? It’s like watching someone who’s still really thrilled about their job go to a convention. LP:With his head, actually. Liz Phair is a staunch woman. BLVR: Would you ever do a rendition of it? This is her first interview since the release of the album. I had to fight hard, and I’m not super happy with where I am romantically in my life because I feel like I fucked up. May 4, 2018 Getty Images. Of course it’s radio friendly because that’s the main point. She’s totally not interested in the roles that even people who have written great novels, who are women, still kind of play into. on October 28, 2010, 8:52am. I just read Hannah Crafts’s The Bondwoman’s Narrative. It’s a big thrill for me.And in San Francisco my friend Nora and I would go out in the morning with no money and just go to cafés until we pounced on someone.We got lunch, or they bought us lunch.And we’d move from there through their social world until we found dinner or a party.That’s something that I love to do. In my thirties now, it’s just who I am. Within the first two pages of a short story you have to dignify a character, which is basically giving them some flaw that allows the reader to like them. Phair: No, it was much less conscious than people think. It’s about war; it’s truly, authentically about people who are in the midst of a very scary situation. I was talking about this a lot with Susan Straight. I try not to chip away at the same old block, but it’s true and that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing. View Liz Phair interviews, articles and reviews from Rock's Backpages: The ultimate library of rock music writing and journalism. I don’t fight them or tell them they’re stupid, but if I listen to the record myself, I can just relax and be like, “They don’t get it.” ’Cause it really feels like me. I always enjoy trying to get away with stuff. Do you hear this? I also recorded my first songs in San Francisco. Do you know that writer? IN A CONVERSATION with Liz Phair, there are few pauses.Nor is there any of the careful weighing of words that afflicts so many interview subjects. Every person I know who is my age and not in my business makes a lot more money than I do. New York Press' Tom Birner asked her about this recent change in style, her follow-up CD Somebody's Miracle-and much else-as Phair gets set for a gig here in town. Liz Phair is spending most of 2008 living in the past. Her new album, Liz Phair, will be released this June; it’s her first album in five years.In her candor and her anger and her unmistakable style—no one’s voice sounds like hers—Liz Phair is one of the best songwriters we have. I don’t know what you call it—social whoring maybe. A Conversation with Singer Liz Phair The gutsy indie rocker turned glamorous pop queen discusses the pros and cons of adoption, feminism, and having a little more meat on … “I’ll drive you back.” I think it’s a brilliant song. Birner: Socially, Exile On Main Street is fairly innocuous?or at least the drug references are shrouded in metaphors. Imagine Hollywood doing it: it’s their big last brawl and people have lost their brothers and they’re weary and in the trenches and it has symbolism and the flag is the symbol for it. I feel like when I listen to it—cause you do these interviews and sometimes people like [the album] and sometimes they don’t and they say things to you and I always try to hear what they’re saying and address it. Much criticized for working with The Matrix, the record engineers who write and produce music for teen pop singer Avril Lavigne, Phair has said that her decision to go more commercial on her self-titled album Liz Phair was partly motivated by her financial concerns as a single mother. I think you could write a successful short story without dignifying the character.You could have it unwind at the end. It’s like an art piece: your evening, or your entire weekend. I had a lot of fun doing it and I love that song. Share this: ... view all. LP: Absolutely. BLVR: What about the song “Extraordinary” on your new album? My natural exuberance, my obnoxiousness, my loud, Midwestern rock sensibility was not coming across in the Michael Penn work. LP: I think for me, I’m not good at—I do try to paint on big canvases. I have to go to a movie premiere tomorrow. I feel hugely lucky. I was a little cavalier about it. Liz Phair (The Interview) Tweet. Like any adult with a child-you better have a fucking income and a plan. Liz Phair was supposed to be on tour with Alanis Morissette right now. In "Rocks Off," I'm the girl who's looking at him on the street. Birner: You tend to avoid two requisite emotions of '90s alternative music-theatrical rage and sadness. It is sort of a job. Lycéenne à la New Trier High School, elle intègre ensuite l'Oberlin College, dans l'Ohio, en vue d'étudier l'histoire de l'art. Article content. LP: Well, you usually don’t create a negative protagonist. wait-how old are you? It’s just where I am and what I’m struggling with. It’s like hunting: it’s a sport. [The orientation of my new album] Somebody's Miracle is much more intentional. “We should get out of here,” she says, eyeing the phone. If I’m not close to it, I can’t do songs with a great scope.That’s one of the reasons we worked with other songwriters on this record, to try and find something that had a broader scope. It was off the cuff, and that’s why it works. I can’t believe I have a black eye. If there’s a portrait in the closet showing her aging or altered, the photo seems to tease, this is the closest we’ll get to it. BLVR: Do you have a particular example, or are you just finding a general trend? Liz Phair was supposed to be on tour with Alanis Morissette right now. In theaters Friday, June 29 is the drama People Like Us, featuring original music by A.R. So on "6'1," 'You fall in bed too easily?' An Interview with Liz Phair Vendela Vida. Do you know how much that hurts? “What so proudly we hail’d at the twilight’s last gleaming.” It was beautiful. Thousands of articles, interviews and reviews from the world's best music writers and critics, from the late 1950s to the present day. I’m pissed off. Read the best writing on rock music here. I’m just a charming sponge. In a recent interview with The Independent, Phair summed it up as, “It was like seeing the girl next door go nuclear.” “Guyville” made Phair a star and an indie darling. Maybe I should sign him up for soccer. BLVR: Her point is that the great social novel is actually located in the more domestic scenes, or bedroom talks, or household matters—these are the actual social situations that tell as much about the state of the world as would, say, a conversation held on an eighteenth-century battlefield. Kind of like Swingers, only less pathetic. It’s got some nods and winks and self-conscious moments here and there, but by and large that cover is pretty much what’s going on with me.The musical moments on this new record meant a lot to me while we were recording them. Is it blue or is it black? Interview 'People Like Us' Songwriter Liz Phair by Scott McConnell Published June 27, 2012. Liz Phair performing in Barcelona in 2019. Following the halfhearted reception to Whip-Smart-- good enough to retain her critical stature, not good enough to enhance it -- Liz Phair slowly retreated from view, marrying and having a child. Have you ever noticed? With his fist or elbow? You could do it differently, but I think that’s just a rule of thumb to help people who may not understand how to write the quickest way to touch somebody.We all look to writing or creative arts to dignify our own character as we come home at the end of the day and feel like a shallow worker bee.We look to writing to allow us to open up and feel what we’re really feeling. It’s like an endangered species to connect to your feelings and actually be present. The booklet in the LP set also contains never before … Phair: I was kind of flattered, but it got old. Songwriting and writing are a way for me to vent. Like, before, I had to vent about my black eye. Birner: So you were doing that consciously to shock people? It looks like that, because the swollen eyebrow has pushed the other one up about half an inch. But he’s not a Hollywood dermatologist, so he doesn’t really care. Birner: And you had a kid to worry about? If there’s one thing we know about Liz Phair, it’s that she does as she pleases. I really feel like she’s an example of someone who doesn’t give a crap about the fact that she’s just a woman writer. My feelings have shifted. In San Francisco it was all kernels of ideas, but nothing ever happened. It’s a hobby. It just didn't feel like me. LP: That’s a co-write with my friend Lauren Christy, and Scott [Spock] does the production on that.There’s a team of three people [the team is called the Matrix] and she and I came up with song structure, more or less, and melody, and kind of hammered out the words.That was really exciting because she’s a songwriter herself, she’s my age. Interview 'You could not have given us a bigger middle finger': Liz Phair on how Trump changed her music for ever. In her candor and her anger and her unmistakable style—no one’s voice sounds like hers—Liz Phair is one of the best songwriters we have. Cut into the middle of the movie after the big-ass battle. It would look really ugly, but at least people would—actually, I don’t know what they’d think. BLVR: And everyone will think you’ve been tossed around. But Liz Phair was really a side job. After graduating, she moved to San Francisco, where a … Who knew that all Liz Phair ever wanted was to be a pop star? And it looks like—you know the Faye Dunaway too-high eyebrow thing? Sign up for The Believer’s mailing list and get free essays, comics, interviews, and more, right in your inbox. When Liz Phair released the song "Bollywood" from her new album, Funstyle, on her website in July, it caused a few Twitter waves. What did you do? BLVR: With that song’s grandness, it’s also the topic. He told me to ice the heck out of it. That’s why Jennifer Egan’s novels excite me so much. How did you write that? Okay, so I had a bad night with a guy. It’s just a dream, and it’s embodied in a piece of cloth. LP:Well, that’s the whole thing, women’s lives and experiences aren’t valued, except by other women. You don’t create someone unlikable in the guise of a woman unless she’s the usual hustler. I couldn't explain that I worship Exile On Main Street. It’s just my little vent-thing, and for me, songwriting is the way to come home at the end of the day and say what I can’t say normally. That means smiling, flattery, showing up, trying hard, whatever it is that makes things go smoothly. Liz Phair Wrote the Book on Fucking. LIZ PHAIR: You know what I think is a really good song? For those who want to criticize her, she gives plenty of bait for them to munch on: Phair never officially studied music (she was an art major at Oberlin), and for a serious kind of singer she’s taken up some unlikely offers: she’s modeled in ad campaigns, and has had small parts in not-great films. Never Said" was originally written under the title "Clean" for Phair's GIRLSGIRLSGIRLS bootleg cassette. Liz Phair has Horror Stories The fierce alt-rocker still has a lot to say, but this time she's doing it in book form. in hopes that she would expand her audience and attract more listeners to its parent record, Liz Phair (2003). And why do you go there every Easter Sunday? They’re in a bag; you’ll have to find them afterwards. Next I m very connected to my internal, deepest subconscious, says Phair. I want my experiences recorded, I want to put them out there and everyone else should too. Liz Phair Interview Austin Convention Center, Thursday, March 13. By Estelle Tang. It’s kind of bizarre, but I think I can only draw on things I’ve experienced. I don't ever take on Mick's role-I'm either talking to Mick, about Mick, or examining what he's talking about. She’s as literate and sensual as Lucinda Williams and has the kind of beautifully controlled rage that Aimee Mann has perfected, yet Phair hasn’t gotten much credit lately. And you can't be casual or jocular with them; everything I said came out wrong, so I just shut my mouth. Like my friend Nina, who’s a Ph.D., submitted a manuscript to Medievalist. It had a lot of impact, plus it was some of the more fun times I’ve ever had. But I have the cynicism of a 50 year-old. [The Bondwoman’s Narrative, written by an ex-slave, was unearthed by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and is the only known novel by a female African-American slave.] I’ve never had a black eye before. In recent interviews, Phair has been upfront about her hopes of mainstream success, and claims full awareness that Liz Phair is likely to alienate many of her original fans. Phair herself sings in the first song on Exile in Guyville: “And I kept standing 6’1” / Instead of 5’2” /And l loved my life / And I hated you.” Phair seems to relish that one can readily alter appearances; it’s as simple, she implies, as changing one’s outlooks and affinities. Liz Phair, the singer, discusses feminism, ... Beach, and it becomes immediately clear that this isn't going to be your typical so-what-are-you-working-on-now kind of interview. I was such a grifter. BLVR: Did you put a steak on it or anything? BLVR: There’s a Dorian Gray reference in your new album. BLVR: You lived in San Francisco after school for a year. Lately we’ve seen the release of Funstyle (featuring the Girlysound tapes, her earliest recordings, as bonus tracks), a growing list … This is the sound of the ice block! Her new album, Liz Phair, will be released this June; it’s her first album in five years. I don't like being obvious. LP: I do it all the time—like when I went down to South by Southwest. Liz Phair: Intimacy—real honest intimacy—is one of the most radical things you can do right now. Phair released "Why Can't I?" knowing the way I am, singing a song that's being broadcast in my gym, that's subversive. It’s so radical if you think about it. It’s such a feeling of accomplishment. How is that? And then the melody goes soaring up to a point you can barely even reach and I appreciate that because I think the song itself should be a struggle to make you realize what you’re singing about.

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